Friday, January 30, 2009

THE JACK SACK™ Reports In!

Greetings from Vietnam!

That's right, while my partner Jack Bauer was touring the world over the past few years to engage in humanitarian work, I decided to do the same. Along my journey, I befriended a young man named Daniel Horn, who was working at an orphanage. Daniel and I had lots of non-violent adventures together, teaching local children about how a sturdy canvas bag can be used to transport them safely through any terrain. Here's Daniel's take:

"Information: my name: Daniel Horn, I was working in a orphanage in Vietnam and this was one of the kids. Earlier on she was dragging around my heavy loaded jack sack, so I thought why not put her in there :)."

Editor's Note: Daniel, thank you for your email but more importantly thank you for your work in the orphanage. The Jack Sack is only as good as the person carrying it. This is by far the coolest testimonial we've received at this site.


Anonymous said...

I think this calls for a Jack Sack drive, with a large portion of the proceeds going to the orphanage.

AmyV said...

That is frakkin' awesome.

TheJackSack said...

@TJ- Officer thinking! Daniel, if you're reading this, email me back and let's see if we can put something together.

@Amy- I got Daniel's email a couple of weeks ago and was waiting for the right time to showcase his story. I admire this kid a lot for what he does.

HC said...

The cuteness! It's burning my retinas!! AGHHHHHHH!


Can I have one?

Anonymous said...

I just made my proud purchase of a brand new Jack Sack (and at such a reasonable price, too). Here's hoping the proceeds go toward purchasing the little tykes a boxset of Season Two, which as we all know was the best season of all time.

Peter said...

Wow, great.

That's a very big, black Jack Sack.

When are we going to see the Jack Sack in season 7?

If I recall correctly, we saw it a little at the end of Season 6, a different one in Redemption, and a different one in season 7. Bring back the Jack Sack!

Anonymous said...

I agree, you and the jacksack both perform big things, Daniel!

And such a happy kid!

Anonymous said...

This guy is crazy dogg! I'd rather see him carrying his cat in that bag, if possible... All fired up in a george mason suit...

OT: props for the highest rocker!

Thomas Horn

Anonymous said...

Hey Thomas, whoever werherever, lower your voice. No cats in Jack's Sack! At least not as warm meat!

You better admire Daniel. He's the real thing!

Daniel Horn said...
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Daniel Horn said...

Hi Adam, thank you for your kind words and the cool post, I do feel proud and honoured at the same time. During my time at the orphanage the advantages of this sturdy canvas where unmatched. As it helped Jack to carry around his essentials in numerous situations, it helped me to bring along the essentials for teaching and entertaining the kids.

In case you'd like to see more of the orphanage visit:

Kind regards, Daniel Horn

TheJackSack said...


It's my pleasure to share your pics and story with everyone. Please keep in touch.