Sunday, January 04, 2009

"24" E-Cards For You And Your Loved Ones

You've probably seen those twisted e-cards by Below are a few versions that I cooked up in honor of "24" returning to television (finally). Feel free to share them with family and friends.


Anonymous said...

These are awesome! I'm cracking up - and just a little bit giddy that the count is now officially at less than a week away.

I...never thought this day would come.

Beth D

TheJackSack said...

Thank you very much, Beth! Sit tight, I've got a few more of these e-cards coming very very soon (like within the hour!).

HC said... I the commie that inspired that last one?

I'm OK with that. :)

TheJackSack said...

I was actually envisioning the woman saying that about her husband! But you're definitely my #1 all-time favorite commie!

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