Saturday, January 10, 2009


Jack Bauer has fresh ammo and all the world rejoices! Think about how you want to experience tomorrow night's two-hour premiere. Choose your clothes wisely- lean towards something comfortable but not too much so. I do not accept people watching "24" while wearing sweatpants.

And make certain that you have all of your affairs in order- feed any dependents you may have (animals, children, lazy spouses), and arrange your seating area by your television to allow for maximum intense viewing (remove pictures of cute things, like the aforementioned dependents- they are too distracting).

I will be joining the misfits at Blogs4Bauer to do some live blogging during the premiere, so drop by and join the gathering of debauchery.


Peter said...

A great blog to read during the show is Dave Barry. It's really funny.

Granny Annie said...

I have made sure that our company will depart well before the show starts and our phones will be turned off. I'm a bit disappointed in the "no sweats" rule but I shall abide by your ruling.

TheJackSack said...

Thanks, Pete- I'll put the link on my blogroll.

Annie- I almost banned pets from the room too, but I have two huskies that tell me what to do. So, pets: yes. Sweats: Not for now (maybe after a few episodes, we can ease off the rule).

The reviews I've read of the premiere are universally positive, so I'm really excited for Sunday. I hope you all have a great time watching the show.

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