Monday, January 12, 2009

The Allison Taylor Treatment

24's new president, Allison Taylor, is already a strong character. Cherry Jones is a very likable Commander-in-Chief (not since David Palmer have we really had a chance to like any of these people in the White House). Now, I love U.S. history-- particularly those quirks involving the Presidency. One that I always found amusing was how Lyndon B. Johnson physically and emotionally manipulated lawmakers through a practice known as The Johnson Treatment (see below):

Undoubtedly, Johnson's huge personality was an over-compensation for something else. Due to genetics, however, President Allison Taylor does not suffer from such insecurity. She doesn't have to fake anything, see below:

This lady is all class.


HC said...


TheJackSack said...

You like the slideshow gag? I'm thinking of buying a whole pizza and showing what happens over a time lapse when I'm left alone with that poor 8-slices of vulnerable food.

Rickey said...

Play some Benny Hill over the time lapse video and you've got yourself a winner.

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