Sunday, January 11, 2009

24: Season 7 Hours 8AM-10AM- Quick review [UPDATED: Where's Chloe?]

[UPDATE]- I know many of you are wondering "Where's Chloe?"- worry not, she is definitely going to appear in Season 7. In fact, I hear she has a very interesting role this time around- you will not be disappointed.

I'll have something more "Jack Sack-ish" up in a little while, but I wanted to chime in quickly with my initial thoughts:

1) Kiefer is the reason we watch: The good thing about these first 2 hrs is that it focused heavily on Kiefer Sutherland. There was not nearly enough Jack Bauer in Season 6, and if this new season is to be successful, Bauer needs more screentime. So far, so good.

2) Renee Walker, FBI: Wow.

3) Zombie Tony: Pretty good motive for going bad (Logan and his crew were let off easy, which is actually kind of unbelievable considering a former US President was killed, but wait, they never really did catch those guys who got JFK, did they?). I like Tony. Tony is an important part of the show. So far, very good!

4) The President and her entourage: Ehhhh, Cherry Jones is great as the President, but these other guys around her are less so. They're all good actors, but their purposes have yet to be articulated. I'm holding judgment until a few more episodes on this crew.

5) The villainous plot: Completely a mystery as of yet. I will not guess about the future of this season, but I do like the idea (even if Die Hard 4 did it already) of the nation's firewall being breached, thus leaving all major infrastructure vulnerable. Only in America could we make ourselves that vulnerable. Completely believable, unfortunately.

6) General vibe: This is a slow-simmer start. The preview for tomorrow night's two-parter looks more kinetic. I'm happy beyond belief that the show is actually back. But it won't be "24" until Chloe and Buchanan pop up. And Bauer looks old in that Columbo raincoat. Gotta lose that coat, Jack.


Granny Annie said...

Could not ask for a better review. Well, I didn't get as excited about Renee Walker...... But she is a good person for the part. Tony's return is a bit of a stretch. Can't wait for Chloe.

TheJackSack said...

Thanks, Annie. Yeah, I don't spoil anything for you, but you'll be pleased with Chloe's return. She's still the same weird girl we all know and love.

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