Tuesday, January 27, 2009

24 Season 7: 1PM-2PM Quick Review

Okay, now this is 24!

1) Horrific acts of terror: Terrorist Dubaku (the Wookie) decided it was time to finally act on his promises of death and mayhem by causing the mid-air collision of two airplanes over Washington, D.C. What did President Taylor do in response? Well...

2) Ass-Kicking President: Alison Taylor put down her foot finally! After 5 episodes of conference calls, Taylor decides to do something, and that thing is to defy Dubaku's demands to withdraw U.S. forces from Sangala's borders and to remain in position to topple the corrupt dictator. Sean Callery (composer) even hooked her up with some hero music.

3) Tony and Jack: The Brotherhood of Bullets! Things got violent early for these two. Emerson's suspicions push him to confront Jack and Tony and... well Emerson left that conversation with a couple of bullets. And it was revealed that Emerson was an associate of Christopher Henderson. Why, upon learning this, didn't Tony immediately kill Emerson right then and there is a mystery to me (Henderson helped kill Tony's lovely Michelle). Bah! It's all good, Emerson found a way to end up dead anyway... or did he?

4) Bill and Chloe: The Old Guard Still Got It! I want a show with Bill and Chloe where they put together motorcycles or some other thingamajigs. Watching those two work together is excellent television. And I love the "Pulp Fiction" needle nod when they revived Renee Walker. Speaking of which...

5) Guilt trips: Renee Walker was unaware of Jack's good intentions, I stand corrected (I thought she was hip to the plan and played off being angry). No, the girl was genuinely pissed off at Jack, laying it on heavy ("You SHOT me!") Lady, have you any clue how many times Jack has shot his friends and co-workers? And back at FBI headquarters, not-so-subtle Larry Moss is having a panic attack over losing his "maybe-sorta" girlfriend, Renee. He lays into Hillinger pretty nice. Ah, I love this show.

6) High body count: 24 isn't doing its job unless it "ties off loose ends" as one character put it in this episode. I love how this show is unafraid of ending a character's run. Last week's episode was ridiculously tame. Last night's episode made up for that big-time.

So, next week looks to be another high-body count extravaganza. And hopefully the FBI mole is revealed. Any guesses on who's the mole?


Anonymous said...

Ah, I love this show.[2]

jay toby said...

Yes, of course, I love seeing higher and higher body counts...Emerson, Litvak, Gedge and Samantha. Big episode.

Now you say the mole might be revealed next episode...if it's Janis, Larry or Sean, how could they reveal it in only episode 7...maybe have them be the mole and not be caught til like episode 20 or so?

also I thought about this....(just like Nina)..the biggest twist would be Renee being the mole. We would build trust in her the whole season (like Nina).

Thoughts, A?

TheJackSack said...

@Jackster- RE: the FBI mole- the reason I think it will be revealed sooner than later is that Renee Walker is going to push the issue. She hates that she can't trust her teammates. I sense she will somehow try to get to the bottom of the plot and stir up a confrontation. Maybe it won't be next week, but I think it will happen soon.

Now as for Renee, the reason I don't think it's her is because the mole was communicating with Nichols while Renee was in Emerson's custody last week. She was not physically able to be the mole. The bad guy (or girl) is definitely in FBI HQ. I don't think it will be Janis, Larry or Sean- call it a guess, but that's my instinct. I think the mole has already been onscreen but has not been given much focus yet. I predict Erica the Blonde. But I could be wrong, two years ago, I swore up and down that Milo was the mole.

Rickey said...

The mole aint Larry, he's just a government employee on the rag. Erica sounds like the wise pick. What other plausible reason would she have to sleep with Queens Blvd?

Granny Annie said...

So any guesses on the final outcome for First Spouse Taylor? Also loved Chloe's casual line, "I'm a stay-at-home-mom."

TheJackSack said...

I think Mr. Taylor goes on the lamb for a little bit, they'll drag out that subplot. And Chloe is awesome! She needs a lot more screentime.

Peter said...

I don't thin Renee is the mole. They'd be repeating the 1st season storyline all over again.

It would be kind of interesting, though. In the 1st season we spent the whole season trusting Nina, and no one expected her to be a mole.

By the way, how many characters from Season 1 appeared in Season 6? The only one I can think of is Jack.

Characters from season 1 in Season 7, I can think of Jack and Tony (zombie).

TheJackSack said...

Pete- don't forget Aaron Pierce. Tony officially didn't appear in Season 6. Will Pierce appear this season? Do you want me to spoil that for you? Have I already done so by asking the question? Hmmmm.... hehe.

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