Monday, January 12, 2009

24: Season 7 Hours 10AM-12PM Quick Preview (and an Overall Gut-Check).

Before tonight's 2-hour event airs at 8pm on FOX, here are a few pointers to think about while watching (SOME SPOILERS):

1) Pay close attention to Tony: You will learn a lot about what he's been through since he "died" last season. The writers have something interesting at work here- is he good or is he truly bad? I think before the season is over, that question will be up in the air more than once.

2) Janis v. Chloe! I love this setup. Just enjoy the geek-off, it's about as satisfying as "24" can get. I can't wait for them to meet face-to-face after what they go through tonight.

3) Follow the money: First Gentleman Henry Taylor is investigating his son's "suicide" and he is making fast progress in finding some answers. And, of course, there's large sums of money involved that lead to further clues, begging the next question--

4) What's this Sangala meshugaas anyways? Sangala, the fictitious country from 24: Redemption, is the center of the opening hours' plot. Here's what we know:

  • Domestic terrorists (under the direction of David Emerson) are aiding Gen. Juma's control of Sangala by stealing a device that hacks the U.S.'s infrastructure systems.
  • Gen. Juma has sent Col. Dubaku to work with Emerson on U.S. soil (Dubaku was in "Redemption" as the ruthless #2,; Bauer killed his brother at the school). Remember, Dubaku swore revenge against his brother's killer. Bauer v. Dubaku should happen soon.
  • Prime Minister-in-exile Motobo is working the newly-minted U.S. President, appealing to her idealism in an effort to have her commit U.S. forces to overthrowing Juma and returning the country back to Motobo.
  • Jonas Hodges (Jon Voight) has been laundering money through an associate in order to fund Gen. Juma's control of Sangala.
  • First Son Roger Taylor was murdered for his knowledge of Hodges involvement.
  • There are people within the Taylor Administration that are involved in the murder/cover-up/overall conspiracy.
The big question about all of this plotting is "Why?" What's going on in Sengala? What do they have, if anything, that's keeping people like Hodges involved? It can't just be diamonds. And what's Motobo's motives beyond wanting to make his country "free" again? He seems noble, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had some not-so-honorable motives. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to what Samantha Roth (The First Son's ex) says to Roger Taylor tonight-- there are lots of clues buried there. And...

5) Does F.B.I. stand for Freckled Babe Investigator? Just wondering...

So, there you have it. Enjoy tonight's show, it's going to be very action-packed, I guarantee.


Anonymous said...

I am going to agree with you on this one: Agent Renee Walker: HOT.

Granny Annie said...

Why, why, why didn't Chloe rush into Jack's arms when they first saw each other? I'm still lurching forward only to stall mid air.

At least the Colombo trench coat is gone:)

TheJackSack said...

I loved the awkwardness between Jack and Chloe, she is madly in love with him but can't emote correctly. Classic 24 moment.

Stay tuned for next week, I think we may see some Jack Sacks on the bad guys. Should be an awesome episode!

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