Thursday, January 29, 2009


(Note: This article will be updated later today as more entries filter through).

That's right, folks. Don't be afraid, it's just another rage-fueled edition of our favorite weekly gathering- The Carnival of Bauer! Let's get right to the articles:

First, we have the thoughtful and insanely prolific Kasia of "AmeidaIsGod[dot]com" with her Top 24 Bad Ass Jack Bauer Moments of "24." And definitely check her site daily; Kasia and her team of Almeidaists always provide excellent commentary and discussion on our favorite television program.

Well, if an Almeidaist like Kasia is able to give Jack Bauer her full attention, then it's only fitting that "Jackster" tip his cap to Tony Almeida. Here's more from the man himself: Greetings fellow 24 fans. The name of my blog is "the covert diaries of jackster" and I write mainly about theories, patterns, trends, and compile lists with analysis of all that is in the 24-universe. The post that I have linked here is Day 1's entry into my "best character of that season" called "24 Insight." I chose Tony Almeida for Day 1's award (I generally leave Jack off all the lists because, frankly, he'd just win all the awards). I also have posted analysis in a series called "24 Best of" where I made a case for who was the best President, Chief of Staff, Jack's field partner and main villain on the show, as well as 6 others. I am in the process of brainstorming more lists and analysis, so please check out my blog for new posts. Thanks!

Next we have Natalie of TwentyFourOnline. If you haven't been to her site, check it out- among other things, it's the coolest image archive for "24" with episode screencaps, promo art, etc. Nat recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Bill Buchanan himself- James Morrison. Morrison comes off quirky and slightly insane, which is no surprise.

Tony Almeida Junkie Blog comes in with a recap that I tend to agree with, focusing on the Emerson/Henderson connection and why it should have mattered a great deal more to Tony. Are we being duped by 24's writers or are we overreacting (or both?).

The fun doesn't end there. Next, we have Steve of Magic Lamp with his usual hilarious, snarky and smart recap of this week's episode. Steve also talks about a bunch of other television shows, but due to my single-minded nature, I honestly can't tell you what that's all about.

Speaking of single-minded (hehe, here we go) our dear friend, and brave female voice in the Blogs4Bauer Family, AmyV (The Queen of TV Blogging!) is still ranting about the (mis)use of the silent clock for Renee Walker in her recap of this week's episode. Amy, I say she technically died, so the silent clock is kosher. Now, I'm going to duck behind my desk and wait for your response...

Now, just like in The Godfather, you must always pay respect to the Don- Jack Bauer himself of Blogs4Bauer. JB drops all 578 character nicknames in his TivoBlogging recap.

And here's my spoof of our favorite PBS home-improvement program: This Old House: CTU Los Angeles.


Anonymous said...

Y'know, my Jack Sack brutha, I really hope we're being duped by the writers, as you suggest. I reeeeeally do. I pray to God that they have a bombshell up their sleeves, which is eventually gonna make all of us -- especially me -- go "Doh!" and smack ourselves in the foreheads for not having seen it coming all along.

Anonymous said...

What kind of bombshell do you mean TonyJunkie? What would make us go "doh!"

Anonymous said...

Like if Tony were working for the NSA all along and couldn't tell anyone for whatever reason (which turns out to be remarkably clever, out of left field, and completely logical).

AmyV said...

We've already had our Silent Clock discussion over on TVTyrant, so I'll let it be and just glory in my title of Queen of TV Blogging.

As always, Sack, thank you for hosting. :-)

Would you do an excellent screencap for me for my next hosting turn? I feel like my hosting last week was ... boring.

TheJackSack said...

@Amy- You got yerself a deal!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring both my site and the interview! :)

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