Thursday, October 25, 2007

Season 7 Trailer!!!

Rickey Henderson tipped me off to this:

Now my initial thoughts:

I see elements from Die Hards 2 and 4 and GoldenEye at play in this trailer. I also see that Jack Bauer has grown out his hair and wears lighter colors.

People, it's too early to render judgment on this season, but just seeing Almeida back in action is enough to get me excited, even if he turns into a bad guy. And a part of me digs that Almeida is bad, because he is the Yang to Bauer's Ying. Both of them lost their wives. Both of them suffered terrible losses on behalf of their country. And while Bauer makes the hero's choice to keep fighting for what he believes in, Tony (reasonably) loses his grasp of those values and goes AWOL. Instead of the predictable terrorist agenda, we get something a lot more primal out of Tony. He just wants to see things go boom.