Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WTF? Moments From Hour 10, Day 6

So far, this season has been pretty low on the "what the f*@%?" moments scale when put up against previous days of "24" (e.g. Kim meets a cougar, SecDef Heller drives off a cliff and lives to tell about it, anything involving Sherry Palmer, etc.). But Hour 10 has started bringing zany back to "24" and not a moment too soon. Below, a few quirky moments that made me laugh and wonder "what the frig?":

Okay, let's start with the liquor store. Morris, bent out of shape for being a wuss and helping the terrorists arm the remaining nukes, decides "I need a wee snort" to get me back on top. Well, it started out all innocent, he tells Chloe "'Allo love, I'm going for a walkie-doo," but Morris made a bee-line for the liquor store in record time. But here's what tickled me about that whole scene- a nuke just went off a few miles from where this is talking place and 1) a liquor store is open during this crisis- which really cracks me up as apparently the store owner is thinking "Well, if people aren't falling off the wagon today, I'm in the wrong business!" But what's more surprising is 2) THE STORE IS EMPTY! Okay, it looks like any normal, sunny day in Los Angeles, despite the nuke going off, right? So, lots of folks are hanging out, they're driving to the gym, picking up their dry cleaning, etc. And while you're out on these mundane errands, trying to keep your mind off of the NUKE that exploded by your friend Larry's house, you see a liquor store with its doors wide open. I don't know exactly how I'd behave in that type of crisis, but I do think its very possible that I'd be checking out some very pricey single-malts myself thinking "well, if the end of the world is here, I'm drinking the good stuff." I'd probably be dunking my morning toast in Blue Label. And let's give credit to the liquor store attendant- you'd think that as a radioactive cloud lingers outside, he'd be getting loaded himself. Nope, he's a stand-up individual, dutifully selling booze to recovering alcoholics who need it a helluva lot more than he does. I'm calling this liquor store guy "Walt" after the Disney fella,
because fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you if you're drunk off your silly ass!

And then this little moment took place...

"I do say Mr. Bauer, are you blushing?" "Copy that."

Jack and Marilyn are on the verge of facing Pops Bauer in a potentially lethal situation and there's sexual tension being played up! Jack tells Marilyn to put a flack vest on underneath her clothing, so Marilyn quickly removes her blouse (no questions asked!) and does this look over her shoulder to Jack, indicating that he should take a peek. What does Jack do? With his back to her, he takes the suggested peek! Do you think that henchman sitting in the SUV was rolling his eyes at this silliness? Maybe, but here he is, crapping himself thinking about all the bars of soap he's gonna be collecting in prison, and Jack and Marilyn are playing peekaboo in a parking garage! Oh, I love that the official "24" site saw it fit to give the henchman a name too-- he's called "Hacker." And what's even funnier is that when they get into the hotel room and Pops Bauer isn't there, Jack quickly decides "I need to deck Hacker," despite the fact that the guy is in custody and handcuffed. Awesome.

And finally, there's that signature "24" move that they always relish in doing, the "da-da-DUM!" reveal at the end of an episode of some surprising character. This week, we got Charles Logan, former President and current George Lucas impersonator. The beard and flannel shirt really do scream "I'm out of work" so even though we only have a few seconds of Chuck, they did seem to give quite the impression. Logan can only be a good thing for this season. He's such a bastard yet he's fascinating, like his real-world template Richard Nixon. Come on, you wouldn't want to watch a show where a scruffy, disgraced Richard Nixon was helping to solve crimes? That's must-see TV! Sign Logan up for his own spinoff. Trust me FOX, it's a ratings winner.


Rickey said...

Nice post buddy--yeah, the liquor store being open and empty makes absolutely no sense whatsover. The problem is that the 24's budget doesn't allow for a representation of anarchy in the streets of L.A.

SUSAN BURG said...

can you introduce yourself? who are you?

just wondering
I'm Susan

TheJackSack said...

Who am I indeed?!

Susan, my name is Adam, I'm a frustrated writer that's working in the wrong profession! My career track has been that of an attorney but there's this little silly person inside my head that wants to write jokes and make people laugh.

I live in NY, just north of NYC, I drive a Blue Ford Taurus with 223K miles on it, I love movies with guns, I always hold the door for a lady and I'm stone cold sober 99.9% of the time- hence this blog.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You know, I'm so used to things on "24" not making sense — such as the fact that it never takes more than about 20 minutes to get anywhere in Los Angeles — that it never occurred to me how weird it was. Wasn't everyone fleeing LA in the ep w/McCarthy and his girlfriend and now suddenly some random liquor store clerk (OK, maybe he's the owner) is just at his cash register when no one's shopping?

2266 said...

Aaaaww, Adam, I love that little silly person that lives inside your head! It makes me laugh and I want to send my thanks for it.

Oh, and speaking of movies with guns, have you seen "the assignment"? or "Leon"? and what about "Kelly's heroes?"

yankz said...

Funny stuff.

I am so waiting for a Nadia smile. Yikes, that girl is fine.

TheJackSack said...

"The Assignment" and "Leon" are fantastic films! My DVD collection holds both of them... along with a lot of other movies where there are no "touchy-feely" moments. Well, I do own "Andre" the flick about a sea lion that befirends a 10 year-old girl, but that's just because animals are hilarious.

And Yankz, I got a Nadia post in the works that I think you'll love.

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