Thursday, February 01, 2007


Never have there been so many Bauers in the Power Hour- brother Graem, father Phillip, hottie-in-law Marylin, and maybe Jack's son(?)! It's like an episode of "Jerry Springer" with nukes! Well, without any further delay, here's your take on Day 6, Hour 6 of "The Bauer Bunch!" Special thanks to Blogs4Bauer for letting me host the Carnival.

The greatest base-stealer of our time, Rickey Henderson (no relation to Christopher Henderson, trust me) kicks off the Carnival with a quick left jab and a devastating right hook! Great stuff!

"Sweet" Lou Perseghin's New Word Order breaks down Day 6 with some excellent, and dare I say, thoughtful work!

Anti-Idiotarian discusses the Bauer Family Reunion special that aired on Monday!

T.V. addict Little Miss Chatterbox has a quick recap and some thoughts on Hour 6!

Magic Lamp drinks a bowl of coffee and gives us his funny recap of this week's episode.

Kyle Brandt chews on Day 6, Hour 6 and has lots of great pics to share as well!

Castle Fairchild misses Super Agent Aaron Pierce like mad- so do we all... (sigh).

King Tom's Kingdom (no doubt a neighbor of Castle Fairchild!) makes some very good points about Monday's episode.

Cake or Death comes back to life and can't stop yelling "DON'T GET UP!"

Life With Al's "Random Thoughts" on Day 6 are here and his 21st Century experience of Bauer on an ipod is here.

Hey, Dr. Blogstein, you're damn right IT'S NOT A PURSE!

Help bear some of "Rocinante's Burdens" on your shoulders- he's got a quick commentary on "24's" choice of villains for Day 6.

Jon Swift comments on the passing of a "real-life" Jack Bauer, the mysterious E. Howard Hunt. But if Hunt is anything like Bauer, you know that he probably just faked his death.

Mini Jack Bauer (sounds like a great name for a rooster, don't ya think?) shares his thoughts on "24."

MediaShuffle weighs in on the debate: Does "24" cross the line?

Says Simpleton on "24" v. "That Show on an Island?" Yeah, no contest.

Degree Deodorant has a nifty online feature called CTU: Rookie. They've just released part 2 in their ongoing series.

[UPDATE] Late entry: Dangerous Logic with a hilarious bit that you gotta see.


L P said...

Ha ha. Lou Pinella reference.

Nice carnival this week, by the way. This should keep me occupied for a good hour or two at work today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting the CoB!!!

Nice job Jack Sack.

TheJackSack said...

I figured you'd get a kick out of that, Lou!

Thank you to everyone who contributed-- lots of great articles.

Now, everyday may be a Bauer-fiesta, but a "Carnival of Bauer" is somethng special indeed!

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Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

Thanks for letting me sneak mine in late.

TheJackSack said...

No problem, Chris. Thanks for joining the Carnival.

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