Monday, February 26, 2007

Trek Movie Report

While "The Jack Sack" is my personal ode to all things Jack Bauer-related, I am also a long-suffering fan of "Star Trek" (very sexy, no?). As such, I have been closely following these new so-called "remastered" versions of the Original Series, which air weekly (featuring modern, computer-generated special effects, updating the 1960s series for 21st Century viewers). And the single-best website for news and resources on all things "Trek" is Anthony Pascale's Trek Movie Report. Anthony generously gave me the opportunity to write a review of last week's epsiode "The Paradise Syndrome," which features Captain Kirk dressing up as a Native American and overacting himself into a tizzy. That review can be found here.
To Anthony, Matt and the rest of the Trek Movie Report team, thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to your venerable site.


Rickey said...

Mazel tov on joining the Trek community. Um, Affleck for Spock?

TheJackSack said...

Rickey, are you sure you want to congratulate me?

If you read the comments on their blog, reacting to my review, you'd think I slapped their mommies and peed on their rug. Some of these Trek fans really need to heed Shatner's advice from SNL.

Rickey said...

I like the one guy who went off the deep and and posted a 10K word response concerning Native Americans. Evidently you've pissed off that ever elusive "Iroquois Trekkie" demographic, who seem to completely lack a sense of humor. Well done sir.

But hey, if it's any consolation, the folks in the "24" community not only welcome racially insensitive comments, they damn well expect them.

jon said...

"Iroquois Trekkie" demographic. LMAO