Saturday, February 10, 2007

CTU Interrogator Burke = Mariano Rivera

CTU Interrogator Rick Burke gets some love in an excerpt from a "24"-related article in the 2/19/07 issue of The New Yorker magazine:

A character named Burke—a federal employee of the C.T.U. who carries a briefcase filled with elephantine hypodermic needles—has proved indispensable. “He’ll inject chemicals that cause horrible pain that can knock down your defenses—a sort of sodium pentothal plus,” [Executive Producer Howard] Gordon said. “When we’re stuck, we say, ‘Call Burke!’”

Note: Of course, the article is a sober discussion of the use/misuse of torture in "24" and as much as we appreciate "smarty talk," we here at The Jack Sack are devoted to avoiding it at all costs (but feel free to read the article if you're interested). The important part of the article, as far as we're concerned, is that the writers and producers of "24" love our friend Burke. Hopefully, that means we'll be seeing more of the guy in the future.


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