Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Jack Sack Dictionary: "Hold your mud!"

As Graem Bauer begins to realize his dad is going to kill him, he assures his father that he won't break under interrogation by dropping one of my new all-time favorite lines: "I'll hold my mud, Dad."

With images of adult diapers in my mind, I squirmed in my seat, but it really was a remarkable thing to say in the face of imminent death. Accordingly Graem's parting attempt at being a badass belongs in the "24" quote Hall of Fame.

And for you reference-geeks, click here for the Urban Dictionary definition.


Anonymous said...

lol.. yah, "hold my mud" WAS definitely a moment to remember.

TheJackSack said...

Jon, welcome back. I see you had some issues with your site, I hope they are all resolved!

Anonymous said...

"Hold [my/your/the] mud" was actually not a Graem invention in the 24 universe. The first character to use this phrase was Vice Prez Prescott, when telling Novick to hold on until he could convene the cabinet to oust Palmer. "Hold your mud, Mike!"

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