Thursday, May 07, 2009

"Almeida" The Music Video- 24 Season 7

This is a first for we have co-produced a video with another "24" site, namely AlmeidaIsGod[dot]com! Yes, after countless hours of negotiations between our lawyers and accountants, we were able to crack the currency exchange between the US and Canada, thus enabling this project to be realized. Kasia was kind enough to put together the lyrics and vocals (sparing you more singing by yours truly) and I had carte blanche to make the video portion. We're both excited by the end product and we hope you enjoy it as well:


jay toby said...

Hahaha, excellent collaboration Adam and Kasia.

Squish said...

Wow! "Ooh your bare chest when you are shirtless!" xD
It sure does leave me breathless.. :] and lol at Renee and the Prez's faces at that moment.


erika said...

TeeHee! Thanks to Amy for pointing me to this funny vid. Nicely done guys!

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