Monday, May 11, 2009

24 Season 7: 5AM-6AM Quick Review

And finally, Aaron Pierce engages the situation.

I'm going to start off first with Aaron Pierce because we (me and you, my readers) were insane enough to entertain the thought of Agent Pierce being involved in Jonas Hodges' murder. Actually, Pierce is the person who's going to crack the whole darned thing wide open with his intimate knowledge of White House recording devices! And with the help of the former "Bourbon General" himself, Ethan Kanin!

Let's all of us take a deep breath, step back and really look inside ourselves and ask "What the Hell is wrong with you?!" Agent Pierce turning bad? NEVER! Pierce is the gold standard. If he's tarnished, we each ought to get a pair of white Nikes and join a suicide pact cult tomorrow. Pierce is an evergreen hero. This stuff with Tony has us all mixed up and paranoid. Go back to sleeping with both eyes closed, we're safe with Pierce.

I guess the real highlight for everyone was Jack unleashing a vicious beating on Tony- captured after the subway attack was thwarted. It was a fantastic scene- excellent acting and it revealed absolutely nothing about Tony's ultimate endgame. I know some people (ahem-Rickey) have decided they know what Almeida's up to. And I believe those are the same people (ahem-Rickey) who were early adopters of HD-DVD players and the 39¢ postage stamp as well (I have no idea if Rickey's done either, but let's make it sound that way).

And while I love Chloe- I'm sorry but her scenes tonight with Janis were pretty lame. The actors did the best with the material, but it was utterly pointless to hear them whine at one another. I think the writers misread our reactions to things like that- thinking they were throwing us a bone by having a catfight between the two super-geeks. No, not with 3 hrs (and less!) left in the season. The time for cranky-fueled humor has long-since past. Thumbs down on that stuff.

And Kim has predictably become the target of evildoers. Her instincts were right, she was being watched, but unfortunately it was by the most ineffectual, small-bladdered FBI agent on the planet (assigned by Jack to protect her from the real bad guys!). While he's going #1, Special Agent Whizzer gets ambushed by the guy from those UPS commercials. Ouch.
In the end, I was not blown away by this episode. There's something missing from these past 4 episodes, and I have a hard time identifying the problem. I go into next week's 2-hour finale with a degree of trepidation.


Brian Pelts said...

I agree, this episode was lacking the kind of oomph you'd expect from Hour 22. It felt like a ho-hum affair that comes in the first part of the season. They're gonna have to bust ass next week to give us satisfying conclusions in just 2 hours. I fear there's going to be a lot of loose ends carrying over into Day 8.

Granny Annie said...

If Janis is going to replace Chloe in the future episodes, I'm gone! They actually made her look smarter than Chloe last night and I won't be having any of that.

I still pledge allegiance to Aaron, Jack AND TONY and the United States Of America.

Squish said...

Does Tony get away? I'm looking forward to this one next week. Good old Aaron. Knew he'd be on it, shun you non believers!!

Ivan said...

I thought the episode was pretty good despite the abundance of Janis screen time. Even that was somehow bearable.

Pierce kicked ass! Evil Tony is superb! Olivia is the best female character on the show ever!

Rickey said...

So when Tony gives Jack the previously unheard of antidote to the virus just so he can force Jack to watch his daughter get killed in front of him... THEN will you finally listen to reason?

As a proud owner of an Atari Jaguar, a mini-disc player, a Sega Game Gear, and Season 1 of Heroes, Rickey has no idea what you're speaking about regarding poor early adoption decisions. Ahem.

Ivan said...

Lol. Mini-discs? I forgot those ever existed!

Rickey said...

They were a wildly unsucessful device that existed in the gap between the CD player and the MP3 player. Rickey spent $400 on one in a Topps Appliance store and regrets nothing! Nothing!

Rickey said...

BTW, Rickey can venture a guess what the problem is with these past 4 episodes: they were created after a long hiatus in the shooting schedule. It appears to have totally killed the energy and momentum in the show. Here's to hoping the finale kicks it up a notch.

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