Monday, May 04, 2009

24 Season 7: 4AM-5AM Quick Review

We all know Jonas Hodges wasn't an organ donor. But was his new alias "Robert Tippet" a generous soul? It may not matter now, as Hodges/Tippet's organs are now spread about the parking area at FBI HQ. Oh, Jonas- I had hoped you would be back next season, causing trouble from a 6' X 9' at Leavenworth. And all as a result of Olivia Taylor putting out the fastest "contract" to kill someone in the history of... ever?! Or is there one more mole left in Season 7? Hmmm... I wonder (ahem- Janis). Either way, they did ya wrong, fella.

It was, unfortunately, another set-up show (3 in a row by my count). I think that the momentum of Tony's "evil" turn has disappeared somewhat. And we learned of an evil cabal last week to not see or hear from any of those new villains at all tonight. That's a little bit of a letdown.

Let's give high praise to Mary Lynn Rajskub and Kiefer Sutherland for a very well-acted scene at the start of the episode- where Chloe learns Jack is terminally ill. Those two have been working together so long that they really connected onscreen. I find these honest character moments refreshing, and thankfully Manny Coto and Brannon Braga didn't overwrite this exchange. The actors know these characters better than anyone else- let them do their work.

On the other hand- I think Jack's interaction with the imam later on was a little overdone. Jack's on edge- he's dying, he's sweating buckets, I get that he's going to lose his already short temper. But the way he went about manhandling and screaming at the imam was not wholly true to Jack's character in my opinion. It seemed like the writers wanted to revisit the theme of this season's first episode- namely Jack's willingness to punch a nun to get an answer about terrorist activity. Alright, that was Jack 20 hours ago- but in the world of "24" we treat that as ancient history, right? I would have been more impressed by Jack not going the stereotypical route and using different tactics. Like not yelling for no apparent reason.

Now, next week- holy cow, we're in for some real drama. SPOILERS from here on out: Jack catches Tony! And Jack threatens to shoot him on the spot to get this thing done. Now, my friends at have constructed a theory that Tony is going it alone and is still fighting to stop terrorists, albeit with wretched and horrific tactics (which the US Government could never endorse officially). That theory may still hold true... nothing has precluded it from happening yet. And we may see the classic "bad guy" takes Jack as a "hostage" gag, with Jack and Tony working together (one last time?) to stop evildoers worldwide! That would be a real "redemption" for this season. Let's hope it works out that way.


Traci said...

In next week's scenes, did they show Kim for a split second?

TheJackSack said...

Yep! Kim will be back.

Squish said...

The Brotherhood reunited? *Crosses fingers so tightly that the circulation cuts*

And Kim's back? She's not being chased by cougars is she? (Sorry. Just had to do it.)

Anonymous said...

This was a OK episode, not horrible. 7/10.

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