Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Jack Sack Recap: Last night's episode- awesome!

I don't really get into straight recaps of episodes as there are countless other sites that do fantastic work, but last night's episode in particular makes me want to high-five people in the street and hug kittens 'till they don't "mew" no more. Yes, last night's episode was that good.

I knew things were off to a good start when Gredenko, wearing a sweater under an overcoat in the Mojave desert, dropped a "Dammit!" when told he only had one drone ready to launch. You can't top little moments like that.

Or maybe you can! Flash forward to CTU's newest breathalyzer- Chloe O'Brian. Milo tries to convince Chloe that Morris is back on the sauce, this while they're tracking a bloody drone that's flying towards millions of innocent lives! Chloe says she'll check Morris' breath by walking over to him and smooching him right on the spot. Morris is momentarily touched but Chloe, true to her nature, informs him that the kiss was meant to check his breath. Morris immediately does a "cool guy" trigger gesture to Milo who shyly smiles back and does a "yeah, that was me" gesture back to Morris. Was this scene absurd? Yes. Was this scene entertaining? Double-yes!

Then you had a "Macho Grande" moment with Nadia and Mike Doyle. If you're a fan of "Airplane" you'll know what I mean. Throughout the movie, there is series of vague references to a terrible event in the hero's past called "Macho Grande." Well, while Nadia is being interrogated by Doyle for being a suspected mole, she spits back at him (in a very sweaty scene) "I read your file! I know what you did in Denver!" My mind began to race about what Doyle could have done in Denver and I have settled on the notion that he killed several suspects my making them eat steaming-hot omelets. That would absolutely violate the Geneva Conventions.

But my favorite development is Jack learning of Audrey Raines' "death" (come on, do you really think she's dead?). Jack, who is two white wines away from canoodling with his dead brother's wife, gets the bomb dropped on him that his tortured, beaten and all-around miserable former girlfriend, Audrey, died in China while looking for Jack. The official story was Audrey died in a car crash. Jack smells a rat. So, what does Jack do? He ace-bandages his internally-bleeding abdomen, waddles over to Chloe to get a PDA and cell phone (for killing purposes, no doubt) and then informs Buchanan that after this day is done, he's going to kill 1.5 billion Chinese people until he is certain that he has had his revenge for Audrey's murder. This will make "Kill Bill" look like an episode of "My Little Pony." At the end of the episode, when the first responders detected radiation with their Geiger counters, I thought to myself "That's not radiation from a bomb, that's Jack's anger setting off those instruments!"

So, let's recap: we had a very sweaty Nadia, the Chloe Breathalyzer, Denver Omelets, and radioactive angry Jack. I'd say that was a fantastic episode. Hopefully we'll get more of the same energy for the rest of the run (ten episodes to go!). And can we get a health report on Chuck Logan? I'm reading a lot of militant kiwi-fruit sites that claim he's dead. Very disturbing stuff...


Sally Jo said...

AWESOME review. Next to Blogs4Bauer, yer my fav blog :)

HC said...

Absolutely one of your best (if not THE best) posts. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

I still say the mole is Chloe's ex..that idiot with the sling on his arm.

You heard it here first Jack.

He's the American James Bond.8-)

TheJackSack said...

Sally, Haley...

All I got to say is that I am a sucker for female praise.

Lawrence, you're okay too, but you're a dude. :)

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine turned me onto your blog and I just love it. It's hard to take this current rather lousy season of 24 very seriously and you do a fantastic job of doing just that...not taking it very seriously ;)

I don't know about you but I just can't accept Silver Spoons boy as a federal agent. To me he's still that little dweeb that used to ride around his daddy's mansion on a miniature train. I'm rooting for him to be the mole so Jack can crack open a can of whoop ass on 'em. If not him then Milo just because he's irritating.

TheJackSack said...

Hey Mike,

Thanks for your comment. This is a tough season to work with thus far, despite my rabid attempts to squeeze entertainment out of the whole thing. But I'm optimistic that things will get sufficiently violent and exciting before the "day" is over.

As for who's the mole- I've heard through some reliable back-channels that (SPOILERS) there is actually no mole at all, it's all a big misunderstanding. If that's the case, I'd like to see how that's explained.

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