Thursday, March 22, 2007


Greetings ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages!

Come one, come all to this week's Carnival of Bauer- where we drag out an old-timey favorite game from years past: Whac-A-Mole! CTU has a mole, you can whack him (or her) right on the noggin'! And if you catch the mole, you get a prize- you save the country from World War Three... and you also get a Barney The Dinosaur doll (all prizes are subject to change, special thanks to Blogs4Bauer for helping The Jack Sack potentially ruin a kid's day by conducting this carnival)!

Amy Vernon, television blogger extraordinaire, gives an excellent recap and reaction to the moley-ness from Monday's episode.

If you haven't yet done so, go to Jim's "24 In 24" site- it is top-shelf comedy. Stay tuned to his blog for the remainder of the week for his full treatment of Monday's episode, but in the meantime, he gives a few quick thoughts. And go through his past entries as well.

Here is Yankz from "Because It's Sour" swinging the mallet at the mole- and all the while he considers the evil that (Vice) Presidents do, and the women in Jack's life. Go now!

I don't know who this "24 Whore" is, but I like her style. Welcome to the family, ya floozy.

"The Liberty Papers" challenges your brain with thoughts about torturing moles.

Doug Mataconis also discusses torturing moles "Below The Beltway" something that many in the media have continued to discuss throughout this season.

"Magic Lamp's" Steve Pietrowicz celebrates Audrey Raines' (alleged) death with a detailed recap of Monday's episode.

"Your Cake Or Death's" jwookie also celebrates Audrey's (not-so-fast) death as well! I'm beginning to sense a trend here...

Jeff Koupa gives a vermouth-fueled drunken rant over at "Truth v. The Machine."

King Tom commands that there must be more Jack Bauer in the Power Hour. This blog agrees with His Highness. And maybe a brief appearance by The Jack Sack? (I know, I'm... pathetic).

And for Mole's Sake, will someone please give Smiley a hug!


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Thanks for hosting! Your blog is hilarious.

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