Sunday, March 18, 2007

Holy Mole-y!!!

It seems there's always a mole running around CTU. Usually, it's some new face that turns on the CTU gang from within. With that modus operandi established by the writers, wouldn't it be refreshing if there was a true betrayal by a friend, a loyalist, that decides for whatever reason(s) that the terrorists need to win this round? With that in mind, I am voting for a significant shake-up for this season- I nominate Chloe O'Brian as this year's mole.

Okay, so this is some form of sacrilege that I'm suggesting here, I know. Chloe is a beloved character- she's Jack's loyal friend and go-to person in a crunch. But that's exactly why her betrayal would be magnificent. Jack has been kicked around, tortured, killed, burned, etc. You name it, and Jack has had to endure it. And let's add Chloe turning bad to that list because it would mess with Jack even more than some garden-variety turncoat (like Morris or Milo).

But you're saying to yourself "how could they explain Chloe being a mole?" Well, remember that this year's plot is linked to last year's group of bad guys. Also, remember that Jack believed the murders of David Palmer, Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler were all meant to drag Jack out of hiding. Whomever set up the whole group of killings knew Jack was alive. Well, Chloe knew Jack was alive. Chloe was the one that called Jack, forcing him out of hiding. Graem and Phillip Bauer would certainly be interested in Jack's whereabouts. They'd also want to neutralize Jack in the face of what they were planning. And remember at the end of last season, when Chloe holds the photo of her and Edgar? There was some cryptic writing on the back of the picture that on freeze-frame makes you wonder what the heck is going on:

Written backwards are the words "JACK IS DEAD." What is that all about? Is it a clue or is it a dead-end? If the writers had any grapes whatsoever, they'd push for Chloe being the mole. This is more wishful thinking than serious prognostication on my part. If forced to place a bet, my money would be on Milo or someone like that because that's what the writers would probably end up doing. But if they wanted to shock us like they did in the good 'ol days... Chloe would be the best mole in "24" history, and that's saying a lot.


2266 said...

Tsk tsk. Don't talk nonsense like that, Jacksack! Chloe can't be the mole! She'll taser you, scowl, glare, make a snarky comment, but she'll never betray the man she's (not so) secretly in love with!

If you are looking for a new way to hurt Jack after all he's been through, I say do me a favor and get Audrey and her oppossum face killed!

Anonymous said...

Hey, even though that's some serious coolness you thought out, Nina will always be the nr1 mole ;-)

Anonymous said...

Was Chloe feeling "ambivalent" in ex-POTUS Weasel's presence because she has first-hand knowledge of the 411 of last season's plot?


TheJackSack said...

Hey, here at The Jack Sack we're all about stirring up a little controversy.

One thing I do predict: Nadia will be a suspect and her interrogation will be extremely hot.

yankz said...

I'm going with Milo the Mole too.

Unfortunately, Nadia my love's interrogation was not very hot. Mostly sweaty.

I don't know, man, Jack banged a girl who ended up being a mole. I don't know if you can top that.

TheJackSack said...

Yeah, it was sweaty more than hot... but anything where Nadia is not scowling at Morris is a good scene as far as I'm concerned. I just want Buchanan to whisper to her something like "CTU apologizes for this interrogation, here's a giftcard to Bloomingdale's, go shop till you can't spend no more" JUST so we can see this girl smile!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't want Chloe to be the mole, but I think it would be great in terms of drama if she were. The audience would then feel some sense of the turmoil Jack felt when Nina betrayed him.

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