Thursday, March 05, 2009

Morris O'Brian: "This Slanket is #$*@ing Brill!"

Morris O'Brian submits his review of The Slanket (in its original Cockney Slang):

Oi fellas and girls, I'm 'ere ter tell yer about a brilliant new fin' that I got last month from me ole lady- The chuffin' Slanket- a sleeved blanket that lets yer sit on yor arse all day long wivout ever cotchin' a chill by copping up.

I 'ave spent all day in the same position, messing me PSP and wotchin' Man v. Food on the Liza. Right. Me Scotch eggs are numb and I can't stand me own smell, but I'm the only one 'ere, right, so it don't make much of a difference.

Do ya like 'amburgers 'n chips? Me too, mate. Well, The Slanket is a 'undred times better! If yer 'ave ten Lady Godivas ter spend, yer 'ave ter get yorself a Slanket. If yor birffday is comin' up, ask for one, know what I mean? I ain't tellin' ya porkies- The Slanket's the bee's knees!


Anonymous said...

awesome, made my day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, geezus. Hahahaha. I can never get past the pictures to read the thing. I have to do it in two shifts.

God, I'm laughing so hard, I'm concerned for myself.

Anonymous said...

absolutely wonderful! thank you for that. 24 should make a snuggie/slanket.

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