Sunday, March 15, 2009

24 Season 7: 9PM-10PM Sneak Preview

I've given Bill Buchanan this blog's full attention because the man deserves it. But as some cold-blooded producer once said "The show must go on," and so shall The Jack Sack.

Monday's episode puts Jack Bauer in the same old predicament he seems to face every single season- he's the fugitive (what season is this again?). Bauer on the run is standard-24 plotting, but I enjoy it nonetheless. It's fun to watch Jack screw up, regroup and kick ass. But he usually gets his friends in trouble too. Chloe, Renee... they're all going to get threatened, arrested and locked up.

I've got a friend like Jack- a great guy who means well but always seems to invite chaos (directly or indirectly). Rickey knows exactly who I'm talking about (no, it's not Rickey). It's never dull around these types of characters... but you gotta stay ten steps ahead of the law at all times. Anyway, he's another movie poster tribute to this season:


Granny Annie said...

Don't you think that "Kiefer" fellow should legally change his name to Jack Bauer? I watched him in MIRRORS yesterday and he is Jack Bauer in everything -- Damnit and all!

TheJackSack said...

Who is this Kiefer of which you speak?

I just can't wait to see him as some 90 year-old dude making "Gran Torino II: The Revenge."

Ivan said...

He was totally like Jack in Mirrors, except was never so scared... Kiefer is only good in his pre-24 roles (where he always has some wacky hairdo) like Flatliners or The Three Musketeers...

btw, did you not like the 24 bowling?

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