Monday, March 30, 2009

24 Season 7: 11PM-12AM Quick Review

It suddenly hit me when I was watching tonight's episode of "24" that Jonas Hodges is NY Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. Let's review the evidence:

1) Hodges likes to get down in the clubhouse with the grunts, personally making decisions that your typical CEO would leave to middle-management.

2) He talks a lot about people being "a patriot."

3) He loves to wear light jackets.

4) He seeks to build his own sovereign empire.

5) He obtains chemical weapons (please make your Jason Giambi/A-Rod/Jose Canseco joke here).

In addition to my epiphany re: Hodges, not much else happened tonight. Hodges' manservant Greg Seaton (or Brian Cashman for you baseball geeks) pulled a nifty double-cross on Almeida, which elicited some of Carlos Bernard's best glares in recent years. And if facial expressions could tell a story, Renee Walker's teary-eyed meandering in tonight's episode proved that she "hearts" Jack Bauer in a big way.

And as for Jack- it's something to finally see what the guy prefers in the underwear dept. Assuming he hasn't changed his drawers all day, Jack was rocking the $.99 white boxers a la Walmart when he went before Congress at the beginning of this "day." See, further proof that Jack is a badass- he wore white undies while testifying about torturing terrorists- he has nothing to hide whatsoever.

Tonight was yet another set-up to something bigger happening next week. While we didn't get any kills or 'splosions, there's still some great comedic material to work with regardless (someone said "Posse Comitatus" for crying out loud!). Check back soon!


Rickey said...

Yep, yep. All that was missing was a gratuitous Douglas MacArthur quote. (as if there's ever a time when a Douglas MacArthur quote is considered necessary)

Anonymous said...

Hottie is crying about Jack's illness because today's events forced her to come to grips with the failings of her philosophy (which Larry is soon to recognize)that truth resides in Jack's sacks (pardon the theft, sir) and not in some dream world of everyone-just-needs-understanding. This epiphany is in the person of Jack. And add in there is certainly some sexual chemistry going on.

Brian Pelts said...

Oh, there is no doubt. Renee wants to ride Jack like a Tilt-A-Whirl.

When Larry was leaning in to apologize to Renee at the beginning of the episode, I thought he was gonna go in for a kiss. And since she was crying for Jack, he would have gotten shut down SO hard. I was just waiting to laugh.

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