Monday, March 16, 2009

24 Season 7: 9PM-10PM Quick Review

Who is Jonas Hodges and what the heck is he up to?

While Jon Voight keeps us on our toes with his zany rants about jellybeans and patriotism, he's quietly assembling a stockpile of biological weapons which he plans to use against his own country. Why? To protect his stranglehold on valuable defense contracts with the federal government, of course. Prior to our "real world" government bailouts happening, I'd say that Hodges' plot was silly. But guess what- you can make BILLIONS off of the government screwing up in all sorts of ways. Hodges is an evil genius.

Other highlights from tonight include:
  • Renee Walker being sassy
  • Janis admitting she is pathetic when compared to Morris and Chloe O'Brian
  • Larry Moss admitting he is pathetic when compared to Jack Bauer
  • Senator Blaine Meyer warming up to Jack before taking several rounds to the chest, courtesy of Hodges' hitman, Quinn (solid death scene).
  • Jack v. Quinn (using a front-loader and a screwdriver to do the deed!)
I liked everything this episode offered- nothing truly momentous happened, but they rolled out the remaining conspiracy in great fashion. Kiefer Sutherland was flawless (yet again) and Kurtwood Smith made a nice closing appearance as Sen. Meyer. The White House subplot is less compelling as of now, but that should change next week. And Tony Almeida returns too (fresh off a cup of coffee no less!).


Granny Annie said...

Well, we were reminded in this episode that there will never be another President David Palmer! I knew David Palmer. David Palmer was a friend of mine and Allison Taylor ain't no David Palmer!

Brian Pelts said...

Screwdriver? 2x4?

Once again, Jack Bauer reminds us that he is the MacGyver of ass-kickery.

Anonymous said...

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