Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What do you want to read?

Hey gang,

I'm opening up the blog a little to ask you if there's anything in particular you'd like for me to write. I haven't run out of ideas (yet!) but I am curious to take your pulse and see what you're thinking.

So... requests? Suggestions? Encores of past post ideas/concepts? Less comedy? More comedy? Let me know, I appreciate your feedback.



J.A. Zolla said...


First thing is do not diminish any of the comedy in your blog. It's brilliant and what makes it unique. If anything, I want more lol.

A suggestion: I would love to read a fan-fiction type, thing where you write about what it would be like (in real-time) for like 3 or 4 hours about, for Jack to be going to a party hosted by Chloe on a day where there are no terrorist attacks. Tony, Bill, Renee, Karen, Logan, older characters are invited..Chase, Mandy, etc. Not sure if you've done that before, but I think it'd be hilarious.

And you of all people would be the first choice to write something like this.


I can never get enough of your comedy. Your "24 Picture Book" story of Jack and Renee's hunt for Mike Meyers damned near killed me. I'd love to see a Picture Book interpretation of Dubaku's backstory, covering his activities between Redemption and now, e.g., setting up home in his swinging studio bachelor pad; securing office space for his secret lair; etc.

Adam said...

Those are some excellent ideas, guys. Thank you both for helping me out (which you have definitely done!).


I think there's gonna be an awful lot of good humor to be had with Dubaku's new temporary lair: the back of the Korean grocery. LOL. Oh, the possibilities.

CrackleDawg said...

I would like you to write about the various weapons that Jack pulls out of the Sack.

Haley said...

How about Jack takes down the Klingon sword bandit?


Your 24 E-Cards are always a riot. (If Agent Walker doesn't turn up alive, would you be willing to dye your hair read and get a boob job, Janis? ROFL!) How 'bout a contest every now and again, where one of the E-Cards is left blank and readers get to submit a caption.

Adam said...

TJ- awesome idea!

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