Monday, February 16, 2009

24 Season 7: 4PM-5PM Quick Review

All hail Aaron Pierce!

Now, onto the not-so-awesome things from tonight's episode (namely everything not involving Aaron Pierce).

1) Ike "E-kay" Dubaku is a virgin-- it's the only rationale I can come up with that would explain his stupid puppy-love for Marika the cute (but not dazzling) lasagna-slinging waitress. I mean, the writers wouldn't force a cold-blooded, efficient killer to act like a complete moron for the sake of a convenient plot development, right? RIGHT?! Dammit!

2) Sean Hillinger is not a virgin- he's a dirty, filthy whore (which we already knew) and oh yeah, he's THE MOLE! How. Freakin'. Obvious. I'm sorry, but Hillinger being the mole is like me eating a tray full of brownies in a sitting-- there's no drama to it- it's too predictable of an outcome! As of now, I am very letdown by this entire subplot... and I want brownies too!

3) Larry and Renee need to stop talking for the next 16 hours. Larry's boyscout nonsense is a major buzzkill. And the preview for next week's episode (with Renee scolding Jack for being such a badass) makes me want to punt a baby penguin. PLEASE guys, stop with this crisis of conscience melodrama. We've been through this shit dozens of times over the past few seasons. Jack killed Ryan Chapelle because a terrorist told him so! "The ends justify the means" has always been this show's philosophy. If you don't accept it as a form of entertainment, then go watch the Hallmark Channel or some other crap. This is "24"-- people do terrible things for a greater good all of the time.

4) Allison Taylor cracked-- I get that we need to see her being human, but I think her behavior strains credibility. I don't think Taylor is being unreasonable in going to see her husband, but I think the way she's going about it is silly. Letting Bill Buchanan make all of her decisions for her sounds reasonable to us 24-fans, but she comes off as being a complete pushover.

Needless to say, I disliked the writing for this episode. I can take the set-up episode once in a while, but what kills me is when characters act foolishly across the board. And two episodes without Tony!!! He better be building an A-Team style tank out of empty coffee cans and old pizza boxes. This show needs a kick in the ass, and fast.

P.S. I'm too cranky to finish the 24: DMV post tonight. We'll tackle that one tomorrow!


Brian Pelts said...

I marked out for Aaron Pierce so hard, my head still hurts. *giddy*

And I'm actually looking forward to seeing Renee keep the pimp hand strong next week, but that's probably just because I want her to smack me a few times and tell me how bad I am. So, you know, I'm biased.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, I thought it was a good episode, not as good as last week, but good.

singingdoll said...

I noticed Carlos Bernard wasn't listed in the credits... unless he's always before Janeane Garofalo and I just missed it (I thought he was always after her).

I about peed my pants a little when I saw Glenn Morshower and Carlo Rota in the guest star list. I liked Morris -- and of course, Aaron Pierce!

Anonymous said...

Yes' we've seen the crisis of conscience a ton of times, but that's because it's also part of the show. The show's about how the ends justify the means, but ALSO about the internal struggle that comes with having to face those decisions. Both parts are equally important.

TheJackSack said...

To everyone: Why can't Obama just appoint Aaron Pierce Secretary of Everything, hand him a trillion bucks and call it a day? It would be like those Nextel commercials where they let firemen run the world. Just let Aaron Pierce handle it.

To Anonymous (if there's one or two of ya, it'll be the same comment): I'll concede the point re: moral debates being a part of this show- but I think the writers went out of their way to gin up a conflict with Renee and Jack. The "baby torture" scene wasn't really an issue because Renee never came close to torturing the infant. I think Renee's torture in the hospital was a much more relevant encounter. And Jack killing Vossler? Come on, are we really supposed to feel bad about that?

I wouldn't mind this moral debate if it was done somewhat realistically. I don't like Walker acting out against Bauer when shit is really on the line. If you watch Jack's reactions to Renee lately, he reflects where I'm at- "wtf is this crap?" he's thinking to himself. Let's get back to the job at hand.

But thank you very much for commenting, I enjoy the debate a lot.

Anonymous said...

Ya don't sound like a happy camper today, Adam. But admit it: ya loved the telephonic powerpoint presentation that Jack and Renee gave Marika on the Butcher of Sangala.

Brian Pelts said...

Jack should shut Renee up by reminding her that the last time he had a partner, he ended up chopping his hand off with a fire axe. And that was a guy that actually AGREED with his methods. That oughta get her to get with the program.

TheJackSack said...

Yeah, I need to lighten up a bit. I pinched a nerve in my shoulder and it's driving me crazy. And Larry Moss bitching and whining didn't help matters. Tonight, we'll try a little scotch.

TheJackSack said...

And the pic of Dubaku on Jack's fancy Sprint cellphone was pretty damn funny!

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with your pinching a nerve, I did it once and it was not fun.

So don't worry, I DO feel the same pain.

Granny Annie said...

Okay this week it finally dawned on me -- 24 is reminiscent of the Melodrama and Oleo that our parents took us to every summer in Cripple Creek Colorado. We would applaud the hero and Boo the villain. It was audience participation all the way. That was what I found myself doing on Monday night -- totally vocal even laughing at Renee and Jack's drama and President Taylor letting Bill lead her to her husband. My poor husband just doesn't get it and could only look at me and shake his head. I'm sure he wanted to call the paramedics when Aaron Pierce showed up and I literally swooned!

Anonymous said...

Jack actually doesn't feel the same pain Renee does. He is a man--if ya know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

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