Monday, February 09, 2009

24 Season 7: 3PM-4PM Quick Review

Let's get one thing out of the way: I hate Larry Moss.

Yeah, I know, we're supposed to hate the guy, he's the stickler, etc. But my hatred goes beyond that level. I think Moss is bad for the show. He doesn't advance the plot, he is constantly making pathetic arguments for the status quo. And for the life of me, he is the worst-written character so far. His little standoff with Jack on the Mall was moronic. And then he throws the car keys at Jack in frustration. Are we really going there, 24? Unless Moss is the mole (which I doubt) his character is worthless and should be removed from the mix as soon as possible.

Now, I did enjoy this episode in spite of Moss' heavy presence. Jack was in full-stride tonight, killing people like the pro that he is. Agent Walker had a mildly annoying turn when she was wrestling with her morals at the Vossler residence. But again, she commits herself to the mission and makes what we fans of "24" deem the "hero's choice."

It was interesting to watch Jack have to remind himself that Walker is new to this all-out mayhem. She has been keeping pace with Bauer and Co. for the past few episodes (even after "flatlining," sorry Kiefer, I couldn't resist). So it makes sense that she have a moment's hesitation. I think her character is paying dramatic dividends early, and I hope she continues to remain a strong ally.

President Taylor is showing some guts too, making it clear to her team that she will not surrender her principles to terrorists holding her skeletal husband hostage. And I dug how Bill Buchanan all but sat in her seat, running the field ops from the Oval Office speakerphone. Bill, one day you'll be President, don't you worry.

The Ike Dubaku stuff got a little muddled this hour. His girlfriend has a sister who's onto him. And of course, Dubaku has to put his months-in-the-making terror plot on hold to take care of this problem (sigh). Haven't any of these badguys watched HEAT? "Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner." I mean come on, I work in a dull office job and I know the rules of (dis)engagement!

And we have the return of this new Jack Sack. I promise to give it some visual scrutiny this week (get ready for me, Nat!). If there's anything substantial to report on the manpurse, you can count on me bringing it to you.

Next week looks solid (THE MOLE WILL BE REVEALED!)-- hopefully the kill count stays high and Larry Moss gets lost in a Smithsonian or something.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I would LOVE to see Bill as President =D

Brian Pelts said...

You know, I don't even hate Moss for being the token stickler. I've come to understand that we're always going to have "that one asshole" every season on 24. Luckily, they usually either end up dead or they pull their head out of their ass and start listening to Jack. No, I hate Moss because he's a terrible character, some simpering mangina with a schoolboy crush on my future ex-wife, Agent Freckles. What should have been a pivotal moment in the show, Renee's choice between the FBI's "rules make us better" philosophy or Jack's "you probably don't think I can force this towel down your throat" awesomeness, was all but rendered moot by Moss' wimpy douchebaggery.

Everything that wasn't Larry Moss was awesome, though.

Anonymous said...

I think Larry's the mole.

jay toby said...

TJ, I've thought of that, too...too easy/boring if it's Janis or Sean. But 24 has never had the head of a government law enforcement agency be the mole... Chappelle, Mason, Buchanan, Driscoll, Walsh, all were good. This would be a first.

But I still hold to my guns saying Renee is the main FBI mole. She's just too perfect, too much trusting Jack (like Nina on day 1). Renee could be the 2nd mole, and Janis 1st or something to fool the audience. Like Jamey, you think it's over, then also Nina is the mole. It would be hugely shocking and a great twist. Reveal that she's like Jonas Hodges' 2nd-in-command or something. Now why would she be taking down Vossler and Emerson and helping with all that? That's something the writers gotta do...but Renee would be a huge twist.

Rickey said...

An African warlord living a double life with an unsuspecting DC waitress girlfriend? Um yeah... the Dubaku storyline needs to be jettisoned pronto.

TheJackSack said...

Unless the Marika subplot ends in glorious bloodshed and mayhem, I agree Rickey.

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