Monday, February 02, 2009

24 Season 7: 2PM-3PM Quick Review

Oh, where to start?

How about at the end, with badass Col. Ike Dubaku playing kissy-face with a local waitress in his apt. building. This is why I love "24"- they're crazy enough to take the most hideous of bad guys and reduce him to a very human, almost quaint level. And now we know that like Garfield the Cat, Dubaku loves himself some lasagna. Awesome.

But the real joy of tonight's episode was the balls-out violence! I will have to go back and re-watch this episode to soak it all in, but seeing Jack Bauer, Tony Almeida, Bill Buchanan, Renee Walker and Chloe O'Brian all working together was pure bliss. Can we have about ten more episodes in a row like this? Just good guys getting shit done right, that's what last season was missing (Jack has to shoot Curtis because... geez, I don't even know why anymore, or how Doyle and Milo kept bumping into one another on their way to Nadia's locker). Buchanan with an automatic rifle... that's cinematic genius! And they carried sacks (not the official Jack Sack, mind you, but we're getting closer to the dream, folks).

The biggest loser in this episode (aside from the computer dude Latham, who got the Rachel Dawes special) is definitely Larry Moss. Larry is acting like a petulant loser, whining about his "dead" girlfriend Renee and ignoring the useful counter-terror advice of Janis "Honey" Gold, who was pretty on this episode. Moss is kind of a moron when it comes down to it- reactive, cranky and selfish in some ways. I see a lot of Erin Driscoll in Moss, and that's a bad association.

Next week looks equally awesome. Is this the first time Jack Bauer has visited the White House on the show? They should name the underground bunker in his honor at this point! I can't wait for the next go-around of "24." I'm very happy over here...


Anonymous said...

Those sacks saw action tonight, baby.

Brian Pelts said...

And also like Garfield, Dubaku is gonna really hate Mondays by the time Jack's done with him.

I agree that the ass-kickery was restaurant quality, and eagerly await more plzthxbai. Oh, and seriously, I want Agent Freckles to have my ginger babies.

devianty said...

hallo this my first visiting this blog and how are you...?

Sally Jo said...

While I agree this was a great episode, I do NOT get how Garofalo got this gig. Her voice is monotone, she has no presence, she's just plain dead weight. If they're trying to replace Chloe, I'll quit watching, I swear.

Someone said in another blog that they want to see Chloe and Janis fight it out. THAT I would watch.

TheJackSack said...

@Tony- Jack needs the official sack, it is his destiny!

@Brian- word about the procreation thing.

@devianty- I am well, thank you for visiting and asking.

@Sally Jo- SALLY JO! Welcome back! I agree that Garofalo is not working out well at all- she seems unsure of her lines, etc. I wouldn't worry about her replacing anybody on the show. Chloe forever, that's a guarantee (I think...).

Anonymous said...

Ah! You nailed it when you said "good guys getting shit done right."

I think we need a whole episode of just Jack/Tony/Bill running around out in the field doing stuff. It was damn cool *g*

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