Thursday, April 02, 2009

24 Season 7: Jack Bauer Chick Flick "First Hearts"

What if the producers of "24" decided to re-make the show into a chick flick? What if indeed! I have no clue what prompted me to make this one, but I feel dirty (especially for the Aaron Pierce/Olivia Taylor love story I cooked up).


HC said...

Oh good lord, this is the best movie yet. I snorted coffee about 4 times. You'd think after the first time I'd learn and stopping drinking it for a few minutes, but no.

Ivan said...

Holy crap, that was unbelievable. Jack was exposed...*cut to Jack undressing himself*

But hey, don't feel dirty for seeing the Olivia/Pierce connection. She definitely has a crush on the guy!

Rickey said...

Bravo. Terrific stuff, buddy.

Dr. Alice said...

Outstanding, the one line you forgot was President Taylor's "See you upstairs in fifteen minutes?" from a few episodes ago. I liked the Aaron/Olivia bits too.

Squish said...

Haha, epic! That would make the best movie. Jack was "exposed"! :O That made me laugh so hard. And yeah, Olivia really has a crush on Aaron. She likes the older type lol.

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