Monday, April 06, 2009

24 Season 7: 12AM-1AM Quick Review

Okay, I know the answer to this round to 24: Clue! It was Jonas Hodges, in the Chairman's Office with a crystal decanter! Did I get it right?

Holy mother, did they bring in the pressure tonight! On all fronts things got worse for Jack & Co. Tonight's episode was sure-footed writing and plotting- I am officially "over" Season 6. "24" is back at full strength. I am sorry for doubting you guys for so long.

Let's get the quick rundown:

1) Jack Bauer has mad cow disease for real now. Last week, he was walking about, acting fairly normal, etc. But tonight, Jack started to finally exhibit symptoms of the mad cow. We at the Blogs4Bauer liveblog had a "MOOOOOOOO!!!" chant going everytime Jack winced, fell down or started writhing in pain. It was all great fun. I suggest you "moooo" at your TV next week when we get more of the same.

2) Hodges is the best villain this show has had in a long time, perhaps ever. Nina is the premier baddie because she got to kill Jack's wife, but Hodges would have cooked Teri Bauer up with fava beans, etc. if he had a chance. He is a raving psycho, but he's so good at it that you can't help respecting him. He took the President's lunch money and she could do nothing about it. AND he invites himself to the Oval Office for tea and cookies. Hats off, man. And Jon Voight... he's the master. This may be his best role in years.

3) Exeunt Moss. Larry was starting to become a player in the plot, but like with most things in his life (dating Renee, running a mole-free FBI office) he screws up royally. After the standoff at Starkwood peters out, Moss runs back to his whirly-bird and we don't see him again for the rest of the episode. Maybe he's at Sonic picking up some shakes for his overworked team. That would be nice, Larry. Make mine a chocolate shake.

4) The Olivia Taylor/Scumbag Ken stuff was wretched. And in retrospect, was it really necessary? I don't think so... (Brannon, I'm blaming you).

5) There's still a mole at the White House. Secretary of Homeland Security Tim Woods, I'm looking at you, Sparky.

6) Tony Almeida is a killing machine. And next week looks like Zombie Tony will feast on many more brains! Nothing can stop him. And he's got a Tony Sack too! Stay tuned for something on that later in the week.


Brian Pelts said...

The thing that struck me the most in tonight's episode was how Jonas' rants about how he was being persecuted after everything he'd done to keep 'Merica safe and secure was like the psychotic yin to Jack's yang of shrugging indifferently in front of a Congressional committee. I don't know if it was intentional, but tonight Jonas and Jack seemed two sides of the same "what happens when you have to account for the results you get?" coin.

And at this point, seeing Olivia on screen is my cue to flip over and see how the Cubs' game is going. Her ongoing plotline makes me long for the days when troublesome gap-toothed Presidential children quickly faded from the scene.

Traci said...

I think that there was a bit too much Sprint advertising in this episode

Dr. Alice said...

I actually wound up liking Olivia a bit better in this episode. Though Aaron did have to stand out in the hall for 45 minutes with an aching shoulder because of her... Grrr. But she pwned that ratbag reporter.

And Tony! He's finally getting a shot at real action. I started watching in S5, so I never understood the Tony love till now. But boy, do I ever. I hope he doesn't go down next week just when I started to appreciate him.

TheJackSack said...

@Brian- I think you're onto the overarching theme of this season- how far is too far in "protecting one's country?" Jack has crossed the line in instances from seasons past, but Hodges is the cautionary tale of what happens when you let that continue for decades on end.

@Traci- Agreed. It was almost absurd.

@Dr. Alice- Doc, have you caught up on old seasons since? If not, you must! Tony starts out as kind of a jerk in the first few episodes of Season 1, but he quickly proves himself to be a legendary figure. And I won't ruin anything else for you, just go back and enjoy those seasons if you haven't yet.

Squish said...

So this is what's in store for us Uk folks next week? Awesome stuff. Poor ol' Jack, though course he's going to be ok.

jay toby said...

Adam, what makes you say there's a mole in the White House? Many people suspected Ethan but with him gone, I think the mole-talk has died down. Would they really make Timmy Woods the mole? I doubt the casual fans even know this dude's name.

Rickey said...

Tim Woods has got to be the most useless Homeland Security Secretary that Rickey has ever seen. All the guy does is pop into the Oval Office, tell the Pres: "Madame President, _____ is on the phone" then he hits the button on the conference phone and listens quietly while she talks to them. What is his job?! He's worthless! And he's done this EXACT THING at least 35 times this season by Rickey's count.

You should splice together every instance of this into one video. And dub "Flight of the Bumblebee" over it.

Dr. Alice said...

I haven't watched the old seasons yet, but I have been told by one of my co-workers that I absolutely MUST(we dissect the episodes every Tuesday). I do plan to watch them as soon as this season is over.

Granny Annie said...

Am I the only one excited about the possibility of saving Jack by finding his daughter?

Oh yes, Jon Voight is the ultimate villan!

Olivia and Ken? Who cares?

TheJackSack said...

@ Squish, I predict moles, lots of yelling and probably a large explosion!

@ Jackster- I refer you back to the beginning of the season when Kanin and Woods talk about the First Husband wanting to track down his son's killer. Woods acts really strange. Add to that Hodges having inside intel on the WH the past couple of episodes. I think Woods is in play as a mole.

@ Rickey, excellent idea. After I'm done offending Italians with my latest video, I'll give it a shot!

@Annie- Kim Bauer is not my favorite "24" character but hopefully the redeem her this season. But yes, ALL HAIL VOIGHT!

Traci said...

Olivia and Ken would make a good barbie-doll couple

Traci said...

Olivia and Ken would make a good barbie-doll couple

singingdoll said...

My main question is, whatever happened to Chloe and Morris? When are they returning?

And why don't they reinstate Ethan Kanin since he was proven to not have royally f'ed up giving Jack the permission to talk to Burnett? He wasn't going to turn in his resignation until the morning anyway. I was beginning to warm up to Ethan; he's no mole.

Tim Woods, on the other hand: I've always suspected he's a mole.

But yeah, Chloe?? WHERE IS CHLOE?!

And is Kim coming back? I have no doubt she will be, now!

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TheJackSack said...

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TheJackSack said...

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