Monday, April 13, 2009

24 Season 7: Quick Review 1:00AM-2:00AM

I write up my thoughts for the show while it airs for my "quick review" columns. In it, I wrote the following before the big "twist" happened tonight:
"And why is this episode truly awesome? Two words: Tony Almeida. He finally redeemed his past sins tonight by toppling Starkwook singlehandedly. Tony has always been a part of the 'heart' of this show. I am an Almeidaist for life."
I seriously wrote that paragraph after Tony heroically stopped the bioweapons from launching and killing thousands.

I poke fun at this show, I make silly creations to help us from taking things too seriously, but tonight, I'm downright angry. They took Almeida and turned him into an unforgivable piece of trash. It was one thing for him to run with Emerson's crew and "do bad things." Shit, we've all done bad stuff relative to our outward appearances to the world (I won't reveal my dark secrets here). But Tony Almeida has been perverted into something that he is not- a psychotic killer. I reject this twist as of now. If the writers can justify this, then please do so. But aside from him being possessed by a demon-spirit, I don't see how this jives. Tony Almeida died in Season 5. This one is a fugazi.

The real question remains: Who is Almeida working for? I have a feeling I know who it is, and it better make a lot of sense.


jay toby said...

I'm stunned, speechless, shocked and saddened. And all those times Tony asked how Jack was doing in the FBI office. It pains me.

TheJackSack said...

It really hurts. I'm really a mess right now (reaches for Johnnny Walker). Seriously, what the heck is there to say?

jay toby said...

The only thing I can hope for is that it's some double-cover he has for a really high-up government person (Ethan? Daniels? Logan?) idk anymore man

But i can totally see the writers pulling a Tony kills Kim storyline, just because now Tony is pretty much 100% evil. and Jack has to kill Tony. idk anymore

But i dont know how they can say tony is still good when he just murdered a federal agent.

TheJackSack said...

Well, as the dust settles, something popped into my head: Jack Bauer killed Ryan Chapelle. Sure, the circumstances were different, but we've seen good guys do horrific things in the past on "24."

And I updated the post to ask- who is Tony working for? It could be that new character we've been reading about (I won't spoil it here on TJS).

I can see Hodges (via his lawyer) cut a sweetheart deal with the DOJ to deliver this new bad guy and Almeida. I can also see Allison Taylor and her husband grapple with letting the man who ordered their son's death off the hook. And Tony won't die- what they'll do is catch him and throw him in jail to rot for eternity.

TheJackSack said...

Jesus, what's AlmeidaIsGod[dot]com gonna do when they watch this in a couple of hrs? Kasia, Kat & Co.- our prayers are with you all.

55 said...

I don't think this is what it seems...maybe I'm wrong but I just don't see them trashing Tony like this. They know he's 1A to Jack's 1 in fans' minds. Something is up. I'm willing to give them the rest of the season (what is it, 6 episodes?) to work it out. If it turns out that they did just make Tony some double-crossing scumbag, then yeah, I'll be livid.

singingdoll said...

I agree with 55 on pretty much everything. I think there's gotta be something else going on here... and if that's not the case, I will be VERY angry. Very. How dare they bring him back from the dead, make him bad, then make him beloved again, all at the expense of a cheap twist? It was a stunning ending, but I was already stunned by everything else that happened in the episode anyway. This wasn't needed!

Just have to add -- I actually really teared up in the Jack/Kim scene. I thought it was pretty well-acted, and also totally in Jack's character (unless he's "not acting himself" in which case, who knows)... but that's just me.

TheJackSack said...

Agreed, Molly- the Jack/Kim scene was truly excellent (well-written and very well-acted).

And I'll hold out hope that they justify Tony's turn. But they really have a lot of explaining to do.

Rickey said...

Of course it would figure that the same episode they bring back the reviled Kim, they also pull this ridiculous plot twist. This show just jumped the cougar.

Even though Tony is apparently a bad guy (which makes absolutely no sense, but whatever) he could still redeem himself by killing off Kim. Remember Moss telling him that she was in DC?

Granny Annie said...

USA TODAY gave this episode rave reviews and called it a pivotal episode. An episode review site gave this episode a 10 on a scale of 1-10. I was so excited to watch it that I almost peed my pants just in anticipation. It must turn out that Larry Moss is faking death and this was a set-up to have Tony lead them to the top guys. I could see Larry breathing under Tony's hand as it was pressed "lightly" over his nose and mouth. Our Tony cannot be a bad guy and that is just that.

Kim/Jack scene was very good. I believe Kim as been taking acting lessons:)

TheJackSack said...

Annie- if Tony "fake" killed Moss, then we have ourselves an awesome twist. I will re-watch that scene tonight.

Squish said...

They cannot make Tony evil again, not after he did everything to help Jack find Chloe/Bill and everything to sabotage Hodges plans. I smell a double crossing double crosser. Should make for an interesting episode for us UK folks.... Tony is not evil.. No way. But who knows, Larry is probably not dead. I hope not anyway. Or maybe he was the evil one.

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