Monday, April 06, 2009

24 Season 7: Ridiculous Character #4,923 Ken Dellao

In "24" there are terrorists, moles and psychopaths running around at an alarming rate. These are people who take pleasure in others' misery, and they make us love to see Jack slap them around like French diplomats. But every once in a while there's someone that rises above the stench of common villainy to achieve a special place in the "Hated Hall of Fame." Ken Dellao, reporter for CNB this season, is such a scumbag.

Ken is Olivia Taylor's preferred journalist for her damaging leaks and manipulation. And yes, Olivia is a bad girl for the things that she's done (and will do). But in tonight's episode, Ken seeks to score a bed session with Olivia to keep his silence on some particularly sensitive information regarding Jack Bauer and the continuing threat posed by Starkwood. Unfortunately, Ken has his own "wood" problem and instead of trying to get laid like us normal, healthy individuals, he seeks to coerce Olivia into bed with him.

I don't doubt that there are people like this in the real world. Given the recent events that have caused this country's current recession, my faith in human morality has taken a massive pummeling. But even so, to trade sex for silence, as Ken seeks to do, is a level of psychosis that even I find surprising.

Jack Bauer doesn't have enough bullets in his Sig Sauer P229 for this piece of garbage. Correct me if I'm wrong, but has Jack shot anyone in the crotch yet? Now would be a good time to start doing so.


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