Tuesday, February 02, 2010

24 Season 8 Spoilers [UPDATED 3/9/10]

I usually don't get involved in the spoilers business because I like for folks to see the show on its own. But two images I came across show something I think will interest those of us who feel the Dana Walsh/Jenny story is not working.

Click here to read the spoilers

Is Jenny running from Jack? Looks like it. And it looks like this takes place several hours from where we are currently in the season. These photos were taken from a location shoot in downtown L.A. (which begs another question: does Jack go back to L.A. this season or are they using the location to stand-in for NYC?)

3/9/10 UPDATE: The trailer for next week's episode shows a very brief snippet which leads me to believe (given the pictures below) that Dana/Jenny is a mole who springs Hassan's daughter out of CTU's custody following her rescue. So, all along, Jenny was working for the bad guys. Her sad little victim routine was a cover.

Now, the question is who got Jenny the inside line into CTU? Kamistani terrorists? A domestic cabal (the remnants of the Alan Wilson crew? Charles Logan?).


spoilery-_- said...

Damn you Adam. -_-
There is really no way for us to avoid this spoiler if it's right there on the main page. >_<

TheJackSack said...

Sorry about that- Blogger doesn't give a customizable edit feature to hide spoilers, so I quickly updated the site's HTML to give me the feature.

spoilery-_- said...

Alright. That's pretty cool that you did that. Thanks.
I mean I've already seen the pics, but it's still cool that you updated the site to hide the spoilery pics from other people. Nice work. (no sarcasm intended)

B said...

Great, she sticks around long enough for a complete wardrobe change and for the sun to come up.
If these photos are real, I'm less than thrilled.

TheJackSack said...

@Brittany- true but Jack is ANGRY at her... and that's good! He might even shoot her!

Sunny said...

I think Jack should get extra points for shooting Dana/Jenny because she is soooooooooo annoying.

B said...

Hah. :)
Way to be glass-half-full, guys. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm not that thrilled with the supporting cast so far compared to their previous counterparts.

Curtis slightly edges our Ortiz. Ortiz has flashes of greatness such as the scene with Davro in the empty building, and the sniping of the Russians. All in all though, Curtis was a more impressive figure on screen.

Chapelle > Hastings. Hastings is just terrible. There is absolutely nothing I like or am interested in with his character. Every other CTU director has had much more interesting character development. Not to mention posture.

Any of the CTU analyst females > Dana. Granted, Dana's little subplot is getting better, but still, I'd rather she just get waterboarded by CTU and put in holding. Then forgotten about.

Edgar/Morris > Arlo. Arlo reminds me of the nerdy dude in NCIS LA sans the sexual predatorial tendencies. This guy needs to be tortured by the bad guys and NOT get saved at the end.

Even the CTU guards are boring. Not one has gotten knocked out, choked out, or otherwise had a gun stuck to their head.

And where the CTU doctor? That guy used to get more work than House.

B said...

He he he. Remember this, guys? Wish fulfilled.

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