Tuesday, February 09, 2010

24 Film Is In Its Initial Phases Of Moving Forward

Variety reports that 20th Century Fox has hired screenwriter Billy Ray (no Cyrus, sorry), author of "Shattered Glass," "Flightplan." and "State of Play" to take a crack on an idea he pitched to the studio for a Jack Bauer film. The concept involves Jack fighting bad guys in Europe (an idea I conspicuously offered somewhere on the internet a week ago, but no worries, Billy, my idea involved gypsies and an elephant named "Oswald").

Let's be clear- a lot of fan sites (and some industry news sites) will throw out the headline "24 Movie Starts Production!"- well, that's not accurate. Studios pay screenwriters to deliver scripts all of the time. Sometimes those scripts get produced, most other times they do not. And don't get me started on rewrites.  This is about as early in the process as imaginable. Yes, they could fast-track this and get a movie out within 2-3 years. But unless your movie features 10-foot tall blue mancats in 3-D, you're not getting fast-tracked by FOX.

And then there's the matter of Season 9- will there be a next season? Variety hints that this is not likely, but like I said- a movie will take time to get going, so it's perfectly possible that they will go one more season at least. Why would FOX turn down the chance to squeeze one more year's worth of revenue out of the show?


B said...

Ah. Whatever the future holds for 24, I hope it FREAKIN ROCKS.

Sunny said...

Adam, thanks for the update. I've been wondering about the movie gig.

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