Thursday, March 06, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: "24" To Return Before Season 7 Starts!!!

Oh happy day! The Hollywood Reporter reports that "24" will return this Fall with a 2-hour tv-movie serving as a prequel to Season 7. This is a brilliant and necessary idea. Even though I would have liked an earlier return for Season 7, I'll take this Season 6.5! Thank you, very much!

But the term "tv-movie" conjures up images of Lifetime Television. Is Jack Bauer in a unloving marriage with a man who may have a secret life? Or is Jack working out his image issues from when he was a teenager? Does Jack have an eating disorder? We all know that he never eats, but why? Because he can't eat and wear pants at the same time?

In fact, a quick Google-tron search brought up a "Lifetime Movie Title Generator." Punching in all the relevant data into this site, the title for 24 Season 6.5 should be "My Eating Disorder Came First: The Life of Jack Bauer." Oh man, this could be good!


Rickey said...

Huzzah for the return of the "no-pants Kiefer" picture!

TheJackSack said...

Yep, whenever it is even slightly relevant, I'm ready to use it.

HC said...

Ah, the Kiefer picture.

Where's an open hotel window and some minors when a girl needs it?


Too far?

Ehhh...yeah, probably.

HC said...

And that lifetime movie title generator is good times. I got, "I Loved My Lesion Too Much: The Haley Bird Story."

Apparently, I have scurvey.

AmyV said...

um, where on earth did that photo come from? i'm alternating between disturbed and hysterical

B said...

Does Jack have an eating disorder?

Is Jack working out his image issues from when he was a teenager?

Ah, this amuses me. :)

This post was from March '08 - how far back does this site go? (I figured quicker to ask than to scroll through all the pages.)

TheJackSack said...

Well, I started the blog in May 2006, on the right hand side there's an index of posts by date. In total, I have made 355 posts so far :)

B said...

Oh yeah. Sheesh, I'm a genius.

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