Wednesday, June 06, 2007

24 News: Chloe Back for Season 7!

Amy Vernon of Remote Access has the story. While no details are revealed, it does support past news that there are drastic changes awaiting the show next season. I like the fact that Chloe is still in Jack's life. She should be driving a cab in NYC-- with NSA/datalink satellite coverage guiding her yellow sedan throughout Midtown during rush-hour. Or maybe she has a falafel stand? Or she's a palm reader? There are so many career opportunities here in NYC!


Anonymous said...

Where's my weekly "CTU Denver" episode?


TheJackSack said...

CTU DENVER next episode comes tomorrow, slave-driver! TO-MORROW!!!

2266 said...

yeahhhhh for Chloe!
Nerds rule!

Anonymous said...

Adam, *glockspeak gently places hand on Adam's shoulder* You must be aware by now that we are a threadbare, suspicious, always-looking-over-our-shoulder group of people, huddled together with our cheezits and Barcardi, just waiting for the next drop of anything 24. SO, clearly, when you start a story like CTU Denver, you must be prompt and by prompt, I mean, quick, dammit. Copy that? What is this tomorrow crap anyway? We don't have time for that!

Anonymous said...

You said it, glockspeak. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I would die if Chloe left 24, she's the coolest character ever!!!
Especially in season 5 when she stuns the drunk guy.

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