Friday, May 25, 2007

The Lazy Sack's 24 Linkage!

Greetings, Sack Pack!

Trade secret: when a blogger throws up a few links in an article, he/she is phoning it in. That being said, here are a couple of 24-related links that I found interesting:

1) How does one educate the human weapon that is Jack Bauer? According to the Online Education Database, it required lots of book learnin'-- we're talking a few bachelor's degrees, a master's and then some SWAT training. Impressive, but way too intense for this lazy sack. And while reading the laundry list of Jack's scholastic achievements is impressive nonetheless. I personally would love to see Jack Bauer on JEOPARDY! screaming "Who do you work for?!" as the question (answer) to every single clue. Jack is smart AND crazy. And apparently Jack's education intimidates others at CTU-- remember when Mike Doyle was bragging to Nadia Yassir that he read the Upanishads back in the day?. Well, your reading days are over, Doyle, that's for certain... but I do digress.

2) Next, we have a wonderful picture. I like pictures. Do you like them too? And look, ma, I'm trademarked! Whoever made this, I thank you. UPDATE: Andy made this picture. And there are many other funny 24 motivational posters from his tainted mind!

3) Check out this great article listing Jack Bauer's gadgets-- FYI Jack's "unleashed anger" is not technically a gadget, but if you go to the Sharper Image, you can find yours after listening to a rain forest CD for more than 5 minutes. Whoever came up with that idea deserves a few good throat-punches.

That's it for now. Thank you to the readers who sent in these links. Keep 'em coming in!


Andy said...

I'm the one who made the Tools of the Trade poster. Glad you enjoyed it.

For reference, the trademark is a joke. :)

Rickey said...

Ha, Rickey digs the "tools of the trade" motivational poster. It far surpasses the "kitten of the month" calendar that adorns Rickey's office wall.

TheJackSack said...

Andy, fine work, my friend!

I work in trademarks and copyrights myself, so I found that extra funny.

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