Tuesday, May 29, 2007

But do they make a mini-Jack Bauer too?

If you love 24, you probably also have an appreciation for the Die Hard movies starring Bruce Willis. Well, from the land of transforming robots and Pikachu comes the next greatest thing in advancing civilization: a tiny Japanese man who looks disturbingly like Bruce Willis. And what's even better is the guy makes reenactments of famous Die Hard movie scenes. Check out the man called "PuchiBruce" (translation: Little Bruce).

From Die Hard 3:

And the final showdown from the original Die Hard:

P.S. CTU Denver's next episode is coming tomorrow!


Rickey said...

damn he's a ringer. or is it that bruce willis' habit of squinting a lot makes him look very asian? Either way, I'm totally looking forward to seeing this guy re-enact scenes from Armageddon.

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