Wednesday, May 23, 2007

CTU Denver: 8:00-9:00AM

Before Agent Mike Doyle became a member of CTU Los Angeles, he was stationed at the agency's office in Denver, Colorado. Also at CTU Denver was Milo Pressman (deceased). What do we know so far? Doyle and Milo clashed. Also, Doyle committed acts so heinous that they could not be spoken of aloud. That's where we come in. Each week we will delve into the classified files of CTU to finally learn what happened in Denver! Here is the first installment in the series:

Special Guest Star: Jon Voight as CTU Denver Director Floyd Nichols.


AGENT MIKE DOYLE walks into the room where various other staff are seated and walking around the room, having their morning coffee. Doyle sees MILO PRESSMAN eating a slice of birthday cake while standing in front of the open refrigerator door.

Hey Pressman, you better make sure you don't get any of that cake on your new silk shirt.

MILO (dismissive)
Up yours, Doyle.

As Milo turns his back to Doyle to resume eating the cake, Doyle springs into action. Doyle throws himself at Milo, who drops the cake and the two men wrestle on the ground. The others in the room stand up and form a circle around them.

DOYLE (choking Milo)
You're not gonna get big and strong eating chocolate cake for breakfast.

MILO (rasping)
What's your problem, man?

Who's cake was that?

MILO (turning red-faced, almost passing out)
I... don't... know...

Doyle releases his grip on Milo's neck. He stands up and wipes his face with his sleeve.

Exactly my point, Pressman. That wasn't your cake, but you took it anyway. You're no better than the people who try to take our freedoms away from us. (licks frosting off his fingers) You make me sick.

Entering into the room is the Director of CTU Denver, FLOYD NICHOLS. Everyone in the room begins to disperse, fearing an eruption of anger from their boss.

What's all this?

Sir, Agent Pressman was breaking office protocol by eating a food item left in the commissary's refrigerator that was not his property. I ascertained this and immediately intervened.

Milo is still on the floor, wheezing for air. Nichols looks down and shakes his head.

NICHOLS (to Milo)
You crazy sonuvabitch, that was MY slice of cake! Get down to medical and have yourself checked out. When you're finished I need you to meet me and Agent Doyle in the conference room. (to Doyle) Come with me, there's something we need to discuss.

DOYLE (nods)

The two men exit the commissary. Milo crawls to his feet and exits after them.



Nichols and Doyle enter, with AGENT TRACEY FISHER sitting at a workstation. Doyle stands at attention.

Agent Doyle, since you've arrived here, I've never seen a more buttoned-down vibe in this place. I've tried everything to stop employees from stealing Splenda packets and playing Solitaire at their workstations. But you... you've got all of us back on track.

Sir, it's been my pleasure.

Well, we brought you in here for bigger things, and something huge is going down. I've got a flash memo coming out of Division telling me that we have an active terrorist cell operating in downtown Denver. Normally, I'd call in for additional tactical resources to handle this matter, but you've shown me something, Doyle. And this new threat is something I think you may be uniquely qualified to handle. Agent Fisher, bring up the information.

Yes, sir.

Agent Fisher activates a series of images which appear on the screen. Various photos pop up.

As you may or may not know, these are former child-stars who've appeared on various television shows in the 1970s and 80s. So far, we know that this cell consists of Gary Coleman, Emmanuel Lewis, Mindy Cohn, Kirk Cameron and their ring-leader Danny Bonaduce. They have descended upon Denver under the auspices of a TV Land convention. The NSA has intercepted communications among this group suggesting they are planning a major terrorist event.

Sir, these people make me sick. They were given fame and fortune at a young age and let it all slip through their fingers. It will be my pleasure to wipe them all out.

All in due time, Agent Doyle. We need to know what their plan is before we neutralize them. There are literally dozens of former child-stars roaming this country. Some of them are so anonymous nowadays that they completely dissolve into the background. If there is a systematic threat to this nation's interests, we need to know about it. We need to infiltrate their ranks.

Milo enters the room with his right arm in a sling. He stands a good distance away from Doyle. Nichols is surprised.

What's with the sling?

The doctors think Agent Doyle broke my arm. I have to go back later for X-Rays.

Agent Doyle was defending my cake, Milo. As far as I'm concerned, you went and got your arm broken all by yourself. Moving on, Agent Fisher, please show these gentlemen the key to our mission.

Agent Fisher punches another set of keys bringing up a dossier that makes Doyle and Milo flinch.

I take it you both recognize this person.

Milo chokes back a laugh. Doyle turns red.

DOYLE (looking down from the screen)

That's Ricky Schroder! Doyle, I never realized it, but you look just like him!

Doyle begins to quake with rage.

Knock it off, Milo. Ricky Schroder is a potential threat to our national security. Fortunately for us, we have him in custody. We picked him up last night, at a hobby train shop outside of the city.

Do you want me to interrogate him, sir?

Yes, but more importantly, I need to to assume his identity and go infiltrate the former child-star network.

Sir, there must be another way to do this, I-

Dammit, Doyle, you're going to accept the fact that you look like this kid! You're going to interrogate Schroder and then attend the TV Land convention in his place. They don't accept outsiders into their group, only failed, unemployed actors. This is the only way we can figure out their plan.

Milo starts to snicker.

And you, Pressman, are going to help! I've read your file, you are our foremost expert on 80s television, having spent the bulk of your childhood hooked up to your t.v. set. I can't depend on Doyle here to mix-in on his own because he was too busy banging cheerleaders while you were in your basement trying to picture Dana Plato nude. (Milo looks down in shame and Agent Fisher is now the one who snickers) The two of you are going to have to work together, understood?

Doyle and Milo nod in affirmation.

Good, now get moving-- the convention starts tomorrow morning!


NEXT WEEK ON CTU DENVER-- Ricky Schroder v. Mike Doyle!


2266 said...

I'm the one doing the snickering now! Milo will totally get busted at the star kids convention! Don't you remember him from kids incorporated" ?

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I am so looking foward to CTU Denver's next installment. It's already shaping up to be better than Season 6.

Gregg said...

I love it - CTU Denver cracks me up. I'm looking forward to the next installment in order to get my Bauer fix....

KatieMB said...

More! More!!!

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