Tuesday, January 10, 2012

24 Movie News: Sutherland Declares He's "Back In Sack!"

Caveman & scholar Cirroc was kind enough to learn how to type and leave news in my last article's comment section regarding a new motion picture that's apparently in development.  It's called "24" which has lead some industry-watchers to theorize that comedian Steve Martin is going back to his much-lauded "Cheaper By The Dozen" film series to add further to this enduring tale with a second marriage and another 12 kids.  Bonnie Hunt's character is undoubtedly dead in this sequel.

Or, and this is a long-shot, this is a film that will continue the television series "24" which served as a post-September 11th thriller depicting the life of (sometimes) Federal Agent Jack Bauer as he spends precisely 24 hours trying to stop multiple louses from hurting our fine nation.  Kiefer Sutherland, fresh off of not doing "24" for a few years, made an announcement that the film could begin production in the Spring of this year.  Mr. Sutherland also stated that the new film will take place 6 months after the last episode of the TV series, which aired in May 2010 (when this blog was as popular as that middle Brady girl from the "Brady Bunch").

Assuming they get this film going, "24" could be in theaters by Summer 2013.  Or, if 20th Century Fox wishes to torture us, they could delay it until that Winter, by which point I will be retired and living in Cozumel with no internet access.  I guess there are worse fates to be had...


Brian Pelts said...

Waiting for this movie to get made is like 20th Century Fox moistened a towel, shoved it down my throat and is now pulling it out slowly, tearing out my stomach lining. MAKE THE DAMN MOVIE ALREADY

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