Tuesday, January 19, 2010

24 Season 8: Renee Walker is the Dark Phoenix

Alright, this is some geeky stuff I'm about to lay on you all. If you read comics, then you're probably familiar with the X-Men. Heck, you might even know them from those 3 movies that came out a few years ago and made tons of money. Anyway, there's a character, Jean Grey, who starts out as one of the good guys but through a series of traumatic events (and mind control, etc.) she unleashes a ridiculous amount of destruction on the Universe. And she also has red hair. Logically, this caused me to make the connection to Renee Walker and when I make connections, I express them through photoshop:

Alright maybe I need to get out more... anyway, in fairness to my female readers, I present you with what I believe is the first-ever photoshop of Jack Bauer as Wolverine. Enjoy this useless artwork in anyway you deem appropriate:

Jack kind of looks like President Hassan with that hair, no?  Alright, go back to your non-geek activities. Move along!


Rickey said...

You gotta love any half ashamed geeky recap that uses phrases like "(and mind control, etc.)"

Strong photoshopping skills buddy.

Synbios said...


oh man, that was awesome.

And like Wolverine, Jack Bauer is too the best at what he does :D

TheJackSack said...

Thanks, gents- if you think this is geeky, check back tomorrow AM, I've got something downright ridiculous lined up which I think you'll enjoy.

Sunny said...

Jack is still hot even with a bad haircut. Gotta love those guns too!!!

TheJackSack said...

Sunny, I'm glad I could help :)

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