Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Travel Log: I'm tired of traveling.

Greetings Sack Pack,

It's become a running joke that I haven't blogged nearly as much as of late. Sure, I'm busy with work, my writing, and learning to play the spoons. But the month of July was also a month of traveling for me- starting with a trip to Montreal, going to Rhode Island and ending this past weekend with a wedding in Sioux Falls, SD. I did some rudimentary calculations on the distance I've traversed in the past three weeks, and the grand total is 3,419 miles. That's farther than the distance from New York, NY to Anchorage, AK (which comes in at 3,365 miles). This picture tells the story:

Now, I'm back in NY for the foreseeable future (perhaps I'll take a trip to North Carolina at the end of August to close out the summer). That means I'll be sitting in front of my computer more often-- which means more Jack Sack for you miserable ingrates.

Rickey, can you top that?



Gregg said...

Adam - good to have you back man. I surf like 3 things on the internet: this, ESPN & a website for tax dorks like myself. When you're down, well, there's a big hole in my soul... wait, that's a just the side effects from all the diet cokes I pound.... Seriously though, keep up the entertaining stuff.
p.s. Hows the screenplay coming along? Keep us all in the loop (parenthetically, the Loop was another great show that Fox managed to screw up).

Sally Jo said...

While I have missed your postings, I'm empathetic that learning the spoons does require a large time commitment.

Do post a spoon performance video soon so we can decide whether or not you should commit more time to The Jack Sack. *ahem*

AmyV said...

you're back!

it's about friggin' time. sheesh.

south dakota? eesh.

Anonymous said...

You flew 3,000 miles...your arms must be tired.

TheJackSack said...

My arms, my legs, my everything is tired. But I'm on a steady regimen of coffee and hot sauce, so I should be back to full power by week's end. Thanks for hanging in, y'all!

Anonymous said...

so the question is....would you have prefered to have actually gone to Alaska?

Rickey said...

Nope, can't top that really. But Rickey DID have to travel to Houston, which is essentially the worst possible environment imaginable. The week in NH made up for it however.

Good to have you back buddy.

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