Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tiger Woods Nike Ad Parody [UPDATE 4/9/10]

UPDATE 4: I posted both of my original videos on Vimeo as YouTube has decided to start the weekend early and not address my counter-notice yet- so enjoy!

"Earl and Tiger" Nike Ad Parody: The Risks of VD from Adam Cohen on Vimeo.

"Earl and Tiger" Nike Ad Parody: Tiger Woods' Agent from Adam Cohen on Vimeo.

UPDATE 3: My video can be viewed here now. Also, check out several others at Marcus Leshock's site.  Marcus, thank you for backing me up, I'll let you know when things are resolved.

UPDATE 2:  The Huffington Post has selected my "Risks of Venereal Diseases" video for their article as well! YouTube, get your act together and lift the ban on my parody!

UPDATE 1: YouTube has followed Nike's marching orders and taken down the Venereal Diseases Parody video below. They claim the video infringes their Tiger Woods ad's copyright. This is not the case as my video falls within the Fair Use exception for parody. I am not offering the video for any commercial purposes either. Anyway, I have filed my counter-notice and await their reply. (I've been through this before...)

Off topic for this blog, but today Nike released an ad featuring Tiger Woods standing silently as the voiceover of his dead father speaks to him about learning from his mistakes, etc. It's exploitative and crass. So, I decided it was only proper that I do a parody of the ad, this discussing the various risks of venereal diseases:

And here's another one I did of Tiger's Agent pitching the dead father ad to the golfer:

As for the original ad itself, you can find it, along with a very well-written take on the controversy, at The Colonel's blog.


Brian Pelts said...


Sunny said...

Just stop having sex with hookers. Ha, you never dissapoint me Adam. Great videos. BTW, is that your voice on the second one?

Sunny said...

@ Brian - Just noticed your pic. Are you going jihad on us?

TheJackSack said...

Thanks, peeps!

@Sunny- yep, that's me doing a generic NY/NJ accent on the second video.

Dr. Alice said...

OK, you definitely need to expand the boundaries of this blog. Because these? Are hilarious. Nice job.

Rickey said...

Rickey saw you made Deadspin--well done sir!

TheJackSack said...

Yeah, bitches!! That's very cool, thanks for the update, Rickey.

B said...

Wow, I just checked the actual commercial, and that is effed up.
Yours are funny, though.
Congrats on your video appearing on that website!

Sunny said...

Adam, it looks like HuffPo took down the video too. Good luck with your protest. This PSA by Tiger and the dangers of VD must be heard.

TheJackSack said...

People are getting VD as we speak because my video is not being broadcast. As Jack would say "Dammit!"

Brian Pelts said...

A PSA From The Jack Sack: Always Keep A Jim Bag In Your Jack Sack.

And Sunny, no jihad. I'm just a totally awesome monkey pirate ninja.

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