Monday, April 19, 2010

24 Season 8: Renee Walker is (Still) Dead

Reminder for fans, last week was not a bad dream- Former FBI Special Agent Renee Walker is dead. As is a tradition here at, we honor fallen heroes with a commemorative US postage stamp.


Sunny said...

RIP Renee. At least you died with a smile on your face.

B said...

Oof. Nice tagline. Have you ever considered going into grief counseling? ;)

Good stamp, though. :)

Ooh ooh ooh - I looked up the word "Valhalla" the other day - AWESOME. So awesome it only ticks me off a little that girls probably weren't allowed into the "fight all day, feast all night" paradise.

Spencer said...

Adam, this is no one's fault, and I'm not trying to nit-pick, but the flaw in this blog is that no one really ever talks on any of the topics except the latest one, but I'll just yell at the wall if I have to.

I loved Renee Walker. She seemed like the shining star in 24 as far as strong women go. Sure, there was Michelle, but she seemed quite dead and gone. This character was just so strong-willed and tough. Really, a dream girl all the way. Not to meintion the red-hair and freckles. Maybe these thigs ARE why she's been so well-recieved.

I understand what they were thinking when they killed her, but now that I've had enough time to think about it, her death really just wasn't all that rewarding and worth it. Maybe it would've been if the finale wasn't crap, but...we still have a movie to give 24 a satisfying ending.

But am I the only person that's thinking "Renee is unreplaceable! Just KILL Jack already!"

Anonymous said...

Renee was a great character, more in season 7 than 8. Michelle's death definitely pained me more as she was around alot longer and her character was so strong season to season.

MichelleLuver said...

Hey Mr. Anonymous, I totally agree with you! Renee? Phh. Michelle's the one I really miss. Sure Renee's death was unexpected, and shocking, but so was Michelle's and we knew her a lot longer. Michelle just had more spunk and sexiness. Renee ehhh, she's hot, I guess, but the fact remains that Michelle was just the more loved character. Plus her legs were great! FTW!!!! (Even though she was married to an evil, wife-stealing jerk! ya HEAR that Tony the Phony? I'm out for yer blood!) Plus, she was rocking pink spagetti straps the morning she was blown to kingdom come.

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