Thursday, December 10, 2009

24 Season 8 Premiere Has Been Seen!

Herc of Ain't It Cool News has seen the first 4 episodes of Season 8- while he is under embargo by FOX from writing an official review, he does hint that he liked what he saw.

And more importantly, he declares that The Jack Sack™ is indeed featured in these first 4 episodes. I just hope TJS isn't the mole this season... anyway, here's the official preview which has been out there for a few weeks:


singingdoll said...

Umm... where the heck is Renee? Did the blogger just leave her out of the credits on accident? Please Renee... come back!!!

TheJackSack said...

From what I've read, Renee will be appearing after a few episodes, so hang in there!

Granny Annie said...

This is exciting. I caught the tail end of the preview the other day and haven't seen it since. Thank you for posting it here. I can play it over and over! Cannot wait until January.

Rickey said...

Rickey can't wait for Season 8!

Will the first several hours be devoted to Jack Bauer's exhaustive search for affordable housing in Manhattan? One can only hope!

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