Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: "24" Fall TV Movie To Take Place in Africa!

Well, the headline kind of says it all, doesn't it?

Just to recap, Season 7 won't start airing until January, 2009. In order to keep us from committing mass acts of violence and self-mutilation, Fox has wisely decided to throw us a slab of raw meat in the form of a 2-hour television movie, set to air sometime this Fall. And said movie will have Jack Bauer yelling "Dammit!" to a whole new continent of people, this one being Africa. Remember, the original concept for Season 7 was to have Bauer go to Africa, something the studio shot down when it became logistically impossible given the show's real-time format.

On a personal note: I'm losing my ability to get excited for this show at the moment. I know when clips start airing and previews are put on the web that all will be good again. But talking about these things so far in advance is... well, I hate to say it, but part of me doesn't believe this will all happen. We had a series of things come up to stop Season 7 already. And maybe I'm being a little paranoid, but who's to say that nothing else won't go wrong? Something strange is hanging over this show at the moment. Until I see all of these things actually happen, I'm going to remain skeptical.


Rickey said...

Agreed--it's tough to get excited for the show at the moment. When they released the trailer back in the fall, sure, it looked terrific and then they completely squandered the excitement by not airing anything due to the strike. Yes, the season of 24 is supposed to be uninterupted, but give us something, you know? We already know the basic premise of Season 7: we've known it for half a year now. How is anyone supposed to get excited when the show shot it's wad by airing that preview then didn't deliver anything? And now they're dredging up the goofy Africa idea again? It smacks of desperation. Damnit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I wonder whey they couldn't have tried televising some of the pretty decent 'Rookie' series which is airing online at the 'Degree' website, just to keep the flame burning. We know that the networks killed "Jericho" by the intolerable delays and frankly, if not for the high-intensity power of the Bauer / Sutherland persona, even '24' could have been circling the drain by now.
But like you - once I see Jack interrogate some dirtbag by shooting his kneecaps off or watch him remove a bullet from his own leg using a gravity knife and a stapler - while driving a hotwired Lexus in hot pursuit - then I'll be wearing off the edge of my chair once again and saving up for whatever new gear Da Man introduces in the next season...

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