Monday, February 18, 2008

"24" Season 7 News Roundup [UPDATED]

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I know we are 11 months away from the broadcast of Season 7 of "24" but now is as good a time as any to present all of the information available about the show (BEWARE SPOILERS):

1) C.T.U. is gone. Season 7 takes place several months after the end of Day 6, and it is at this point that we learn the Counter Terrorism Unit no longer exists. Clearly, we've seen the seeds of this over the course of Days 5 and 6, but now they finally pulled the federal plug on this agency. How did this happen? Those specifics are not clear, but I would imagine both the President and Congress mutually agreed to disband C.T.U. once and for all. Congress holds the purse-strings and the President has executive authority over the agency. This leads to point 2...

2) Jack Bauer is the face of the disgraced C.T.U. As Day 7 starts, Jack Bauer testifies to his activities before a Senate Committee (namely torture). Imagine turning on CNN and seeing Bauer talk about his methods of extracting information from a terrorist. It is likely that Bauer is a national sensation (both reviled and revered). Now, at the start of Season 7, the word is that Bauer no longer works for the government. He is doing something in the private sector and God help us if that has anything to do with being a soup guy ("No soup for terrorists! Three months! Dammit!").

3) Madame President Allison Taylor. Okay, so most of you probably know that "24" has a female president. What you may not know is that already into her young administration, she has suffered a personal loss-- the death of the First Son, Roger Taylor. The investigation deemed Roger's death a suicide, but the First Gentleman, Henry Taylor, believes he was murdered. So, while Allison Taylor is trying to run the country, First Hubby Henry is investigating the death of their son, leading him to his son's former girlfriend Samantha. Wanna bet this has something to do with the larger plot?

4) Tony Almeida is a bad guy. Yes, yes, I've been telling you guys for YEARS that Almeida didn't die back at C.T.U. on that dark, dark day. And the trailer for the upcoming season reveals that I was right. So, what's the deal with Tony? I don't think its going to be that earth-shattering. Almeida was always a rogue in spirit, he was prone to his fits of depression and anger. So, after losing his wife to the Bluetooth gang back in Day 5, Almeida finally lost his freakin' mind once and for all. What does a guy who is, among other things a computer security genius, do with his spare time? Oh, maybe hack the nation's infrastructure network perhaps? In a plotline that closely mirrors the latest "Die Hard" movie, the start of Season 7 involves Tony hacking into the air traffic, powergrid and telecommunications networks. Listen, we all love Tony, but from what I've read, do not expect to have our buddy back. This guy is different-- insane perhaps-- and he seeks to kill people.

5) "X-Files" meets "24." No, there isn't a supernatural plotline to this show, but we are going to be swimming in F.B.I. Special Agents in the new season. Coming out of the Washington, D.C. Office, here's the roll-call: Special Agent Renee Walker (see right), Special Agent Janis Gold (Janeane Garofalo), Special Agent Larry Moss, Special Agent Sean Hillinger, and security expert Michael Latham, who is probably going to be the good guy techie fighting Almeida's hacks at every turn, with Chloe's helpful scowling. It looks like most of the F.B.I. agents distrust Jack Bauer. Big surprise. But, Special Agent Walker looks to be an interesting character. She will be critical of Bauer's methods at first, but she will weigh those moral concerns against what she sees as an overwhelming enemy. See, "24" can discuss torture and the like without sacrificing entertainment value. Just throw a redheaded federal agent (umm Scully?) in there! Oh yeah, don't be surprised if there's a mole in the F.B.I. either. I mean, this is "24."

6) Old friends and familiar faces. In addition to Tony Almeida returning, Chloe O'Brian is back. Also, we will see Bill Buchanan (yay!), Agent Aaron Pierce (whoop!) and... Morris O'Brian (blech). I'm still holding out hope for Former Secretary of Defense James Heller to make a real return (last season's appearance was all too brief). And what about The Jack Sack, eh?

And to torture you diehards a little extra, here's the previously released trailer to Season 7. I just watched it again, and I'm freakin' dying here. PLEASE BRING BACK MY SHOW! Enjoy.


AmyV said...

OMG, you are so back, Adam! They needed to postpone 24 for a year a long time ago if that's what was needed to get you off your non-blogging duff.

TheJackSack said...

LOL Amy!

Thanks for always being supportive, even through the droughts. :)

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