Wednesday, January 23, 2008

8 Random Things About Me

Amy Vernon, fellow blogger and ally to all things Jack Bauer-related, "tagged" me electronically to reveal 8 random things about myself. Well, here we go:

1. When I was a kid (2-3 years-old) I used to bite people that annoyed me. I miss those days...

2. I never cheated on an exam in my life.

3. I often go to the movies alone.

4. I want to own a farm one day. In Mexico. Someplace where there is no law.

5. I think most people are terrible drivers. I'm talking 80-90% of them. That means 9 out of every 10 of you suck at driving, according to me.

6. I am a strong proponent of term limits on ALL federally-elected offices (senators, congressmen, etc.). It is the only way to truly reform government. No more professional politicians.

7. Oreo cookies piss me off. Bigtime.

8. I really want a fresh-baked soft pretzel.

Okay, if anyone wants to post comments with 8 random things about themselves, please go ahead and do so!


AmyV said...

Thanks for playing, Adam.

A few comments -

There is something very nice, actually, about going to a movie alone. No one sticks a hand into your popcorn, knocking kernels all over the place or keeps saying, "What did he just say?" or the like.

Oreo cookies? Really? That one you've gotta explain.

I have to wonder what you want that farm for if you want it somewhere "where this is no law." Hmm.


Rickey said...

Sounds like a commune to Rickey... you filthy hippie.

TheJackSack said...

Oreo Cookies--

The "cookie" part really doesn't taste good. It's that sugar-filling that makes them edible. But the filling isn't that good either. And you need milk to eat them. I don't want any food to require that I drink milk. I'll drink milk when I choose. Sorry, Rickey, but I can have pancakes with coffee myself!

As for the farm-- the place will be called "La Hacienda del Muerte" and that's all I'm permitted to divulge at this time.

HC said...

Pffffft...I'll divulge -- I've been hearing about this Mexico thing for a good 7 years.

Here's how it's gonna go down, Ricky.

He's getting a white linen suit.

He's going to fenagle some sort of land south of the border.

And when heads need to roll, there will be a violinist playing in a window high above the square.

That pretty much sums up the Mexico Plan.

I sense that now that I've revealed the secret plan, said violinist may play for me.

Adios Sackers!

TheJackSack said...

You failed to mention the dozens of bastard children I'll sire!

Rickey said...

Oh no, Rickey's heard that plan a few times himself and it does sound both feasible and enticing.

(Rickey was just going for the cheap funny with the commune dig).

AmyV said...

OK, well, I have something for both you and Rickey, then. And Haley - actually, perhaps I should head over to Adam's Rib, where I haven't posted in eons. In Amsterdam, I had a pancake that had a scoop of ice cream and a cup of coffee poured over it and IT. WAS. AWESOME.

AmyV said...

Oh, and thanks, Haley, for explaining Mexico. It actually makes lots of sense, in a bizarre Adam-sort of way.

TheJackSack said...

Amy, testify about the pancake!

And Rickey... no offense takin. Besides, Raoul will deal with any dissidents...

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