What's In Your Jack Sack?

Actual readers tell us what they carry in their Jack Sack:

I didn't know that I was ordering the famous Jack Sack when I bought my bag. I just wanted a nice, low key bag to hide all the AWESOME things I carry. What a happy accident.

In my bag: My Kindle (never leave home without it), wallet, live scribe echo pen, various pencils, livescribe journal, my MP3 player (nice buffer on public transportation), gloves, cell phone, camera and most importantly... my knitting! This is the perfect bag to carry my knitting in, small projects, big projects, it takes it all. And looks discretely awesome too.
-d c, from an undisclosed location

I'm a big believer in the Jack Sack. Mine contains My laptop, a small travel case with computer accessories (USB cable, card reader, power cord for laptop, iPod plug, USB-to-wall charger), a small travel case with medical supplies (bandages, antiseptic, painkillers), some more domestic stuff (stain removing pen, kleenex, eye drops, chapstick, travel-sized febreeze), an emergency poncho, my iPod, and some business cards. Depending on what I need it for, I have travel kits of toiletries ready (for on the go quick travel), utility tools/knives, and some other goodies once and awhile.  I'm working on getting some flashbangs.
-C, from an undisclosed location

I take this bag with me just about everywhere I go. When I’m traveling in the city, it just has my laptop loaded with Linux (a version I customized to look like and operate like the one on the show), a battery adapter, and headphones. When I take it camping, it’s a Jackpack Bauer (and Chloe!) would be proud of! It has: my laptop, spare battery, 3G wireless access card, signal booster, 2 backup batteries, GPS, utility key (looks like a key but unfolds to reveal a knife, screwdriver, file, pen, and flashlight), flash drives, external hard drives, monocular range finder/scope, fishing line, non perishable food stuffs, 6 throwing knives, an Airsoft S&W M5906, and attachments (scope, bipod, and shell casings) for my Super 9x Rifle. I used to think it was impossible to hold as many things Jack Bauer did in season 4, but as you can see it most certainly is!
-Lawrence, New York, NY

I fancy myself as an amateur theologian. At any given time, I will have a Bible, Greek New Testament, notebooks, files, and several books. In addition, I have my iPod, a few small firestarter blocks, matches, and a compass. On the weekends, it may contain my Sig Sauer P229 along with several clips and extra ammo for a trip to the range. Contents varies but these items are pretty standard.
-Greg Smith

"Hey whoever checks the e-mail! Just stumbled onto your site today looking for updates to the new season. I live in Moncton, New Brunswick, (Canada) about 3-5 hours from where Mr. Sutherland was born, and am a huge fan. My Jack Sack contains everything an aspiring CTU computer geek would need, including my Laptop, flashdrives, painkillers, antacids, cough drops (winter gets pretty nuts out here), anti-perspirant, my cell phone, a switchblade (Jack can't be everywhere... or can he?), $40, a bic lighter, and two Red Bull. The Red Bull is for an obvious reason, and the antacids are for the Red Bull. Thanks!"
-Pierre Lirette, From Up North, eh!

"I have at all times: A pen, a notebook, a Mini-maglite, a 'Leatherman'-knife type thing, Cash/Debit card/checkbook, Gum, Kleenex (it's not quite a towel, but in a pinch...don't panic), Hair Ties (yes I usually have more then 1), A Tampon (a biker asked for one in a bar once, I think it was for a leak on his bike, I just happened to have one and now keep one in just in case)."
-Willow from Saffran

"What I have in my WendySack (aka pink Chanel purse)...
1. Pink Gel Pen - incase I have to (a) write down the license plate of a terrorist or (b) poke the terrorist in they eye. 2. Key to my Benz - incase I have to run-over the terrorist myself. 3. Pink Motorola Razr - so I can call Jack Bauer to take care of the rest. 4. Chanel Lip Gloss - so I can kiss the terrorist goodbuy after Jack gets a hold of him. 5. Pink Wallet w/Credit Cards - so I can do some shopping afterward =). "
- Wendy, Los Angeles, CA

"I work at a zoo, so my jacksack holds all the treats and toys I need to entertain/fend off my animals. To be honest, the sack has seen better days -- too many forgotten bananas, muddy squeaky toys, and one memorable encounter with a libidinous gazelle. Love your site!"
San Diego, CA

"My hubby got one for his b-day. Here's what he's recently had in it: flourescent stocking cap, ear plugs, stick-on targets, Glock, Springfield 1911, 825 rounds ammo, 600 mL water, cell phone, Jack Daniels flavored praline pecans (from Cost Plus)"
-Sally Wilson, Somewhere in America

"First off, I never leave home without my handy-dandy... tool. I don't know what else to call it - it's just this knife thing with pliers and a corkscrew and different kinds of screwdrivers and files and saws and basically anything you would need to build a small hut should you be forced to survive on an uninhabited island for, oh, say four days. Then I have my can of mase (to keep away all of the crackheads I have to deal with while walking to class), a civil war canon firing pin (I deemed it 'lucky' and just won't take it out of my bag), a book entitled "Waorani: The Culture of War" for my anthropology class, a binder and a fountain pen. I also have a sketchbook, digital voice recorder (for when I fall asleep in class and can't pay attention to the lecture anymore), a smushed Little Debbie fudge round in one of the front pockets (for an emergency snack), a Nalgene water bottle (with a crack - yes, it can be done - in the top around the mouth of the bottle), a toothbrush and travel size toothpaste, a bottle of Nyquil, a bottle of Tylenol PM, a bottle of Excederin Migraine, half-good AAA batteries for the MP3 player, flip flops, extra hair ties and, last but not least, a sample packet of fish food that I haven't gotten around to taking out yet."
-Beth D, Louisville, KY

"I'm a newspaper crime reporter and go a lot of funky, somewhat dangerous places. In my bag, I carry two notebooks, numerous pens, two spare Nikon camera batteries, a flash attachment and batteries for same, Surefire 6-P flashlight with a striking bezel on it. Bottle of drinking water, 2-4 power bars, Cold Steel X2 Voyager folding knife, checkbook and 2-3 extra loaded magazines for the Glock 26 9mm handgun I legally carry everywhere but the courthouse, schools and post office."
-LEK, West Virginia

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