Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DOCTOR WHO: How I came late to yet another party

I didn't start watching "24" until its fifth season- and through the miracle of DVDs, I caught up on the entire series within a few weeks.  It was during that time that this blog was created-- five years ago almost to the day (5/2/06)!

Well, it's fitting that I show up late to another popular TV show-- one that I disliked for years out of complete ignorance, DOCTOR WHO. The show just appeared so... British, and inaccessible for its goofiness and very long history (nearly fifty years).  Imagine picking up STAR TREK today-- and having to go back through the entire run.  It's intimidating; it's a friggin' side job, in fact!

Nevertheless, it took one episode of the current series to draw me in- the Series 6 (in England they call seasons "series"-- see, really British!) premiere, which aired 4 weeks ago.  The show follows a time traveling being, The Doctor, who takes along a companion (or two) and engages the most offbeat and complicated aliens throughout the Universe.  The show hits almost every genre- horror, sci-fi, historical fiction, etc. It appeals to anyone with some degree of attention deficit disorder.  After a handful of episodes, I was hooked.

Thankfully, Netflix has a lot of the episodes available for streaming.  That means I get to watch nearly all 60 or so episodes starting from 2005 (this is the "modern" DOCTOR WHO era) before I roll up my sleeves and get into the old-school doctors from way back when (50 years of The Doctor... yeah, I have my summer TV planned out).

If any of you have watched the show, please jump in.  I'm considering doing episode reviews (at least the current episodes to start) and maybe retro reviews as my viewings mount up.  And if you've never watched the show before, I strongly recommend you give it a look.

New episodes air on BBC America Saturday nights.  This week, fantasy writer Neil Gaiman pens a special episode.  Advance reviews say new viewers will be able to join the series relatively easily this week.  So, who's interested?


Dietcoke said...

I really enjoy the spin-off of Dr. Who called Torchwood. They're bringing it to the states this summer.

I haven't watched Dr. Who, but all my friends who do love it. I'll have to give it a look-see.

Amy Vernon said...

Loser. Took you long enough.

Also, how AMAZING was Saturday's episode?

TheJackSack said...

Saturday's episode was brilliant-- I can't believe no one has ever tried to explore TARDIS' personality before. Matt Smith is my favorite of the modern Doctors, the guy doesn't appear to be acting. I think he's a legit genius.

Amy Pond was less than inspiring last week though-- she was kind of pathetic in parts.

How have you been, my friend?

majsan said...

Tonight i saw the final episode of 24.
My mom and i had been watching the entire 8 seasons i a row..And the only thing i can say is..
Best serie ever..

BauerLuver said...

Happy first year anniversary of the time we began season 1 retro reviews!! Too bad we never finished...:P

Cirroc said...

...I am but a simple caveman, but I daresay that the new season of 'Torchwood', so far, is a combo of '24' and 'Doctor Who'::


Anonymous said...

Doctor Who TV show is an outstanding series. A great show with lots of turns and twists. I love it and watch it on weekends.

Brian Pelts said...

The genius of the revival is if you have no idea of the history of the series, you can start watching with "Rose" and not miss a beat. It helps that the Time War stripped away a lot of the expanded Who universe.

And every time I watch "The Doctor's Wife" I cry. I ain't care who knows it. I cry.

TheJackSack said...

THE DOCTOR'S WIFE is perfectly done- completely blind-sided me when it aired. Matt Smith earned his stripes that day.

I went back the other night and watched THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE- another romantic one, David Tennant being a complete professional.

And then there's BLINK... too good to be on television. And further evidence that anyone who dislkikes DOCTOR WHO is simply not watching it and that's the problem.

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